Guardian’s Council: six mullahs appointed by Khamenei to determine who may run in elections and who is omitted.

Engineering of elections: buying votes, keeping away opposition or independent supervisors from the polls, manipulation of outcome of votes.

Reverse-engineering elections: attacking rivals’ candidates and keeping them from becoming candidates.

Ballot collection chamber: this a room in the Ministry of Interior where upon orders from Khamenei, votes are manipulated in favor of the candidate who must be elected.

Hadian-e Sepah (IRGC’s Guiders): a 12,000-man unit of Revolutionary Guards and Basij tasked to produce votes in favor of Supreme Leader’s candidate.

Fetneh (Sedition): uprisings after the 2009 election.

Fetneh-e Jadid (New sedition): possible uprisings in forthcoming elections.

Deviant current: present President Ahmadinejad and his colleagues.

Reformist: the defeated wing of the regime (elements responsible for the eight-year war and massacre of political prisoners).

Fundamentalist: bands affiliated with Khamenei.