The regime is getting understandably nervous faced with this opposition. It is already in a weak position and the public outcry is making it rock at its foundations, fearful of another rising like in 2009. 

Faced with the popular threat, the Iranian regime, as it has done continually over the past few decades, is ramping up its suppression of the people. 

The brave freedom-yearning people are displaying slogans saying that their vote is for Maryam Rajavi – the leader of the opposition. 

The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, said last week that the election “can be a sign of the country’s honor or they can be a sign of its weakness and create problems” and declared that those who act against it will be punished. He said they will “undoubtedly face a harsh slap”.

Ali-Asghar Ahmadi, the head of the regime’s State Election Committee, also said last week that “plots” were currently underway and declared that security and military personnel would be at the elections. He said that the police will implement security and will be complemented by the Bassij forces, the IRGC, the Intelligence Ministry and the army, in which the regime as “full trust and faith”. 

The head of the police special commandos said that his force has been doubled in size and is able to tackle domestic “enemies”. 

The head of security in the regime’s election committee said: “Security preparations, intelligence awareness and planning by the rapid response units has been planned such that any action that aims to disrupt security and order during the election would be dealt with firmly in the quickest possible timeframe, and we will decisively prevent any form of insecurity.”

The IRGC-affiliated Fars news agency said at the beginning of the month that the PMOI are trying to influence the election and urged the people to not be influenced by “the enemy’s propaganda”. It said that the intelligence services will “firmly act against” the “people’s hope (…) to strike a blow to the system”.

Another news agency said that those who are opposed to the elections are trying to influence the outcome. It accused the PMOI of spreading “tales” and “rumors” via social media sites.