After Ahmadinejad, the country was on the brink of economic collapse – mainly because of UN Security Council sanctions that had been imposed when Iran refused to suspend its nuclear program. 

So – there entered Rouhani. His rhetoric had the right tone and he immediately agreed that the country should slow down on its nuclear program so that relations with the West could be repaired. In return, sanctions were eased. 

However, when the nuclear deal was being negotiated, nobody seemed to notice that Rouhani has a deceitful past. And the fact that Iran could restart its nuclear program at any time in the future was ignored. The Obama administration decided to go ahead and reward the Iranian regime with a large sum of money that has since been spent on funding terrorism, propping up Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad and other malign activities. 

During “moderate” Rouhani’s time in office there were thousands of executions, even of women and young people who were minors at the time of their arrest. Suppression of the Iranian people was also ramped up and Rouhani was a close confidante of Supreme Leader Khamenei who can in no way be described as having moderate views. 

Even before becoming President of the Islamic Republic, Rouhani’s previous career is also as far away from moderate as is possible. He was national security advisor during Hashemi Rafsanjani’s time in office in which there were two major terrorist attacks that are said to have been carried out by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), its Quds Force, and its militia Hezbollah. Both Rouhani and the then-President had knowledge of the attacks. 

Rouhani’s rival in the upcoming election is Raisi. He was involved in the 1988 massacre which resulted in the death of more than 30,000 political prisoners. He was part of the so-called “death commission” that was responsible ensuring the Supreme Leader’s orders were carried out. 

The Iranian regime is scattered with people like these two candidates. No matter who becomes the next president, it is certain that the future of the country is as doomed as it currently is unless the regime is overthrown. 

Members of the Iranian opposition are currently taking part in a campaign that is speaking out for democracy and against the corrupt election that is about to take place. These people have been hailed by the leader of the opposition as a beacon of light for the people of Iran who so desperately want the freedom and democracy that they deserve.