Rouhani who is undoubtedly aware of the public’s reaction to the lies and criminality of the rulers of the regime more than anyone, and senses the explosive state of society resulting from utter distrust of the public against the regime, sees no choice but to lie like Nazi Germany’s Joseph Goebbels.

While begging the people to believe his words he said to the public:

“Don’t pay attention to cyberspace and a bunch of people I don’t know what they are looking for, dear people of Iran!” and added: “While on 21 February was elections we could wait and announce it on 22 February, we didn’t do it and were honest with the people.”

But his spokesman stated exactly a different thing while interviewing with State-TV’s news channel and effectively confirmed that this claim is just pure lie: “I, on 24 January gave a letter from the Information Council Secretariat to the president… And on 26 January, the president ordered the necessary preparations. (State-TV 18 March)

Rouhani, instead of responding to his negligence, tried to clean up the regime’s hands of the crime and with an astounding flagrant posture claimed that the two provinces have crossed the coronavirus pick. Then completed his lie and said that 20 percent of the beds of Gilan’s hospital is free:

“I asked [the head of Gilan University of Medical Sciences] if they had an empty bed. Gilan told me 20 percent of my hospital beds are empty now that they are advertising there, I don’t know there are people in the street, I don’t know that is a lie, yes the start of the first days were hard days.”

This is a deceptive lie, as Gilan Emergency Chief Peyman Asadi admits: “Gilan’s situation is still in critical condition … Our hospitals are full of patients and the health care workers work at multiple shifts.” (Asr Iran, 19 March)

Earlier, on 8 March, Jafarzadeh Imen Abadi, Gilan’s member of parliament, who was speaking to Rouydad 24 news agency, had confessed to the deaths of 30 to 40 people daily in the province:

“We have no facilities and hospitals are no longer able to accept patients because their capacity has been filled.”

But as if not, the regime’s president has nothing else to do as just to lie and ignoring the people’s pain compare the situation of Iran with London, Berlin and Paris and said:

“Compare Tehran Now with London! Compare Tehran with Berlin! Compare Tehran with Paris! It’s very easy to see what’s going on there, see their store shelves empty. There was a fight between two people for a single piece of paper. People are worried about their food, they’re worried. Their hospitals say we have no place.”

And said that the “The coronavirus is a test, a divine exam”: “But it’s an exam which is a test. You can compare Iran to other countries, we’ve talked about in Corona explicitly!”

Rouhani’s purpose of the ‘divine exam is, of course, the test that the people must give, not the rotten and corrupt rulers! His purpose is that people should not wait for the help of the government; just sit quiet and give their divine exam!’


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