Transparency International says corruption is “the abuse of entrusted power for private gain”. This is an apt description of the regime, where corruption is a vital structural component that has systematically perforated all political, economic, and administrative institutions, like a disease. 

Even state-run media recognize that people see the huge gap between the privileged and the poverty-stricken, which is no accident and no act of God. Instead, it is the will of the powerful, who wish to keep the poor in their place. 

This corruption, across governmental, judicial, and military institutions, is used to repress people with inhumane laws and grave economic disparity. However, the Iranian people are angry and have nothing to lose, so they will rise up and overthrow the regime 

Even regime experts have issued warnings about this. 

Saeed Hajarian, a former interrogator, who is a supporter of the faction of the regime’s President Hassan Rouhani and survived an assassination attempt by the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) in 2000, wrote an article in this regard in January last year. 

He wrote: “It seems that if we continue our path in the future with the same method that we did within the last forty years, we will fall into the valley of downfall and deterioration. Therefore, we should have a new plan. The main noble human life index in Iran warns us. Abiding by law, unemployment and inflation rate, economic growth rate, GDP, transparency, democracy, corruption, environmental pollution, inequality, and social  harm, piles of judiciary cases, etc. do not promise an honorable human life, and we know that we cannot rely on oppression for handling the situation.”  

He noted that the Iranian people have been deprived of an “honorable life” and confirmed that the regime was in danger of collapse, but to be clear, he is not worried about the Iranian people, rather about the regime’s survival.   

He doubled down on this in a March 2019 article, noting that it will result in a so-called “termite” attack on the regime, by which he meant that the Iranian people would bring down the rotten mullahs. 

The NCRI wrote: “The IRGC’s military intervention and its oppressive support of these Sultans and their deeds have created a supercritical situation for the regime. A supercritical situation which increases monthly and declines Iran’s national wealth.  Therefore, making the effort to expose parts of this collapsing body could portray a clear image of the future of the ‘Republic of Sultans.”  


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