This is what we will talk about in this series and here we will talk about how the regime handled the coronavirus crisis. 

The regime began by denying that the virus had reached Iran and delaying the help that the Iranian people could have used. Next, Maryam Rajavi said, they moved on to downplay the dangers. 

For instance, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei kept trying to normalize the situation by saying that Iran had been through worse before, while President Hassan Rouhani keeps saying that the situation is getting better. Of course, the regime is underreporting deaths and infections in order to make it look like they’re in control. 

Maryam Rajavi advised that the regime has neglected the minimum obligations of a government during this pandemic by refusing to: 

  • quarantine hotspots 
  • increase hospital funding 
  • pay the salaries of non-essential workers who cannot work from home 

She advises that the regime has billions of dollars in foundations and the mullahs’ personal bank accounts, so they would be able to do all this and more if they wanted. 

Essentially, Maryam Rajavi says, the regime is committing genocide by sending people back to work, failing to provide those on the front lines with protective equipment, and putting the financial wishes of the mullahs over saving millions of lives. 

Maryam Rajavi said: “Does that leave any doubt about the regime’s intention to deliberately push people to their deaths? But why? Because Khamenei and Rouhani are implementing the exact model that was instituted during their unpatriotic war [with Iraq in the 1980s] and the massacre of political prisoners [in 1988] as a way to preserve their regime from the danger of uprisings and from the threat of being overthrown. They have thus adopted the strategy of triggering massive human casualties by sending people to their deaths on the minefields of the coronavirus.” 

She cites that regime founder Ruhollah Khomeini published a book, the “Islamic State” before he seized power in Iran and in that he wrote that mass death is permissible if it supports the interests of the state. Then, when the regime started to look unstable, he started a war with Iraq. When he lost that war, he massacred 30,000 political prisoners. 

While Khamenei ordered the chain murders of intellectuals in the 1990s and the massacre of protesters in November 2019. He also expelled Doctors Without Borders who were setting up a field hospital in Isfahan with the agreement of the Foreign Ministry. He even said that coronavirus victims should be prepared for burial like anyone else, even though this will spread the virus. 

Maryam Rajavi said: “Indeed, Khamenei’s enterprise is the epicenter for spreading death, disease, terrorism, torture, plunder, and corruption. This is why the rebellious youths and the popular protests and uprisings cannot wait to bring down and destroy it.” 


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