An activist said: “It seems that these children do not have any rights. They are inflicted with hunger, addiction, and nomadism. Almost once a year, they confiscate the poor and old shelters and they call the nomads as the illegal inhabitants that must leave.”

The same activist also spoke about the miserable existence these children under the rule of the Mullahs’ regime lead. They said: “The children like the adults are also searching for the garbage. The addiction is also prevailing among them. No matter if they do not have an identity card or a place to live; after all they are children. The Mullahs’ regime has accepted the convention on the rights of children.”

The activist also said that those who live in the outskirts of the city have no access to basic living facilities. Hygiene is extremely poor and they do not have restrooms or clean water. The majority do not even have a birth certificate or identity card. 

Where they live, the Iranian regime, under the pretext of getting rid of unauthorized settlements, comes along and removes the nomads, thus making them homeless in a cold winter. This type of situation is happening time and time again. Every 18 months or so shelters are removed from what the regime calls “unauthorized people”.

The activist said that the twenty children who have just been removed have nowhere to go. “They are abandoned in this cold winter. Only two tents are left that each is allocated to the men and women. Please don’t set these two tents on fire. They have told them to find a place by tomorrow otherwise, we will come tomorrow and set the two remaining tents on fire.”

The poverty and misery of the Iranian people is getting worse and worse while at the same time the agents of the Mullahs’ regime steal and plunder the assets of these poor people.  

The Iranian people’s money and investments are used to fund the export of terrorism and warmongering in the region.