In the latest antigovernment protests by Iranians in the city of Isfahan, the people protested because of the drought of the city’s only river the Zayandeh Rud. The protests started with the demands of the farmers for their water rights. But finally, due to the important position of this river in the life of all the people, people from other strata joined this protest.

The regime fearing the expansion of the protests to other regions of the country interfered brutally and used birdshot pellets against the people. A number of protesters lost their eyes because the regime decided to repress the protests it said with ‘less price’ contrary to the high price it paid after the repression of the November 2019 protests.

Soon these lost eyes became a symbol of solidarity and sympathy of people around the country. Many people showed their solidarity with the injured by covering one eye with eye patches.

The mothers of the victims of the November 2019 protests started this campaign, and soon it become one of the main subjects of Iran on social media. Subsequently, people around the world joined this action.

These mothers said: “The injured children of Isfahan are like our children, and we will not allow that their suffer will be buried.”

They created a tradition which is now called the correlation of the eyes. Images, videos, and paintings are now expressing this correlation.

Even the educators and teachers who protested in recent days showed their solidarity by covering their eyes with patches. This shows that despite the regime’s claims that the protests were misdirected by thugs and infiltrators from outside the country, they were all ordinary people and were fighting for their legal rights peacefully.

This solidarity is a clear message to the regime that with repression even in the most barbaric form it will be not able to prevent the people’s uprisings, and in the coming days, weeks, and months it will face more protests, and this time it must expect that the people will respond to the regime’s forces in the way.

This solidarity reminds us of the famous poem ‘human being’ from the poet Saadi Shirazi who said:

“All human beings are members of one frame,

Since all, at first, from the same essence came.

When time afflicts a limb with pain.

The other limbs at rest cannot remain.

If thou feel not for other’s misery.

A human being is no name for thee.”

And this is something that the regime should be afraid of because Iran’s people are united and will not leave their compatriots alone.

The leader of the Iranian Resistance, Massoud Rajavi, in a speech entitled, “What should be done?” in Tehran’s Amjadiyeh stadium on June 12, 1980, said:

“Know that every hand you break from the Mojahedin, ten hands are added to them, and every eye you blind from the Mojahedin, a hundred more sighted eyes are added to them, and every heart you tear from the Mojahedin and every head you break, a thousand blessed hearts and heads will take its place. This is the logic of revolution, the logic of monotheism, the logic of evolution, the logic of Islam, and the logic of God and creation.”

We should add to these eyes the eyes of the regime’s acid attack victims. We should add to these eyes the eyes who decided to be executed and not step back from the path of a free Iran in the 1988 massacre. This is the real correlation of Iranian people’s eyes who are seeking justice and freedom over the past 42 years.

The correlation of the eyes heralds a general awakening. A general hatred of dictators and dictatorships, ushering in the inevitable dawn of freedom.