That does not mean that he is concerned about the society and has sympathy with them – a society that is suffering from the regime’s policies, starving, sick, forgotten, and helpless.

A society that the regime has plundered all its resources, so severe that the regime’s President is now forced to find out a solution to prevent any protests.

His statements show this reality. He said: “The fluctuations in prices, livelihoods, and people’s lives should not be allowed to cause problems and make the psychological atmosphere of the society insecure.” (Rouhani’s official website, 22 June)

In terms of the regime’s culture, the meaning of “the psychological atmosphere of society” is a pseudonym for the regime’s security which is all the time the regime’s main concern.

The deteriorating economic situation of various parts of the population, which has frightened officials for a long time, has for some time become one of the main topics in state media and one of their main subjects.

The state-run daily Shargh wrote on 22 June in an article under the title, “Security depends on livelihood”, pointing to the widespread appeal of people to gold shops for the sale of their small gold resources, which, in addition to their economic value, contains spiritual values ​​for them:

“Those who sell a few grams of gold and their wedding rings in this way are actually auctioning off their savings for a rainy day.”

It warned: “From the sum of individual indigence, it becomes ‘plural indigence’, and this kind of indigence has the capacity to become social harm.”

The article goes on to warn of the “depletion of the people’s material resources” and the depression caused by “stress and fear of the future” and cites a historical example that leads to “collective suicide” as a result of poverty. In a way, it will “become the biggest concern.”

Then for the better understanding of those who ‘really are concerned about national security,’ it explains this social process a little more and wrote:

“The transfer of ownership of valuable assets such as gold from sellers who are mostly the people, to buyers who constitute a limited and specific class, it means the accumulation of wealth in properties that leads to class divisions and its deepening.

“Those who really are concerned about the national security should know that this kind of social harm will challenge the national consensus and will lead the society to segregation, which can be the source of security concerns.”

It is clear that the regime has reached the end with its deceptive and criminal policies against the Iranian people, and the tenacious realities of the society have reduced its efficiency to zero. So now the regime is concerned about the people’s basic necessities, extreme poverty, and the unprecedented deterioration of livelihood and in addition the situation caused by the coronavirus outbreak, which has turned society into a compressed spring that is ready to make a sudden leap.

This is the reality that now about which officials are warning each other, under the titles such as “sedition”, “psychological security of society” and “the big concern.”


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