In fact, Sunni Islam is not any more prone to radicalism than Shiite, but it was all that we heard about. Now, experts are reviewing the situation and they are reporting that Shiite fundamentalist activity is growing rapidly, mainly thanks to the Iranian Regime.

The mullahs in Iran have founded hundreds of Shiite centres around the world in order to spread their so-called Islamic revolution and create paramilitary mercenary units. They recruited and trained 15 militia groups from across the Middle East to fight in Syria, where they were supposedly just defending shrines.

Let’s take a look at three of the most important Shiite centres run by Iran, designed to spread the revolution.

Al-Mustafa International University

Founded: 1979.

Location: Qom, Iran (Headquarters) and 60 other countries.

Head: Alireza A’rafi

Attendance: 50,000 people per year (122 nationalities) in Qom alone.

Financial contribution from Regime: $43 million (2018 figures)

Goal: Graduates return to their own communities and recruit others. A’rafi claimed that al-Mustafa had has converted 50 million Shiites around the world.

Islamische Gemeinschaft der schiitischen Gemeinden Deutschlands (IGS)

Founded: 2009.

Location: Hamburg, Germany.

Head: Mulla Reza Ramazani

Attendance: Thousands (number estimated through the 150 Shiite mosques and Islamic institutions operated by IGS).

Financial contribution from Regime: Unknown

Goal: Export fundamentalism in Germany.

Associazione Islamica Imam Mehdi

Founded: 2018.

Location: Rome, Italy.

Head: Sheikh Abbas Di Palma

Attendance: Unknown

Financial contribution from Regime: Unknown

Goal: To introduce the “real Islam” in the Italian language to the Italian people, according to Italian Mullah Di Palma.

The writer Shima Silavi wrote: “During the height of the war on terror, analysts and academic researchers believed that that the perpetrators of terrorist attacks on US soil were under the influence of religious teachings from institutes and mosques led by fanatics on foreign soils. It might well be the case, but with roots in Tehran. What makes these findings more disturbing is that Iranian government utilizes the freedom of religion and believe that is enjoyed in western countries to promote and export its own ideology while continuously violating the right of non-Shiite minorities such as Sunni, Mandae, Bahá’í, zarathustrians, Darawish, Yarsanism in its soil.”