Montazeri said: “I object to the presence of women in Azadi Stadium yesterday. We are a Muslim state, we are Muslims. We will deal with any official who wants to allow women inside stadiums under any pretext. When a woman goes to a stadium and is faced with half-naked men in sports clothes and sees them it will lead to sin. If this is repeated I will order the Tehran prosecutor to act.”

The Iranian Regime has banned women from attending men’s sporting matches since the mullahs came to power in 1979, but this has been met with international ire and routine protests by female sports fans who often buy tickets anyway and try to sneak in. Notably, there is no such ban on men attending female sporting matches.

In March, FIFA president Gianni Infantino visited Iran and attended a match, where some women were arrested trying to sneak through, and tried to defend himself by saying that it is important to try to reason with the mullahs about gender segregation.

That was what sparked the PR stunt, where the Iranian Regime allowed around 100 handpicked women, mostly soccer players themselves, to watch the Iran-Bolivia friendly match in Azadi Stadium. However, they were still forced off into their own separate section with security guards for some reason. The Iranian Regime even planned to do this again next week in order to look even better in the foreign press.

But, just in case anyone confused this with progress or reform, Montazeri was there to correct them and remind everyone that women are unable to control themselves around good-looking men in skimpy outfits, so they simply couldn’t attend any more football matches.
Of course, there are millions of female sports fans around the world who don’t descend into a fit of lust while watching a game, even the Iranian women who were permitted to watch this match or have snuck into previous ones, so Montazeri is defiantly wrong about this.

The Iranian Regime’s ban on women attending sports matches has nothing to do with preventing the fans from descending into an orgy in the stands and everything to do with preventing women from living full fulfilling lives.