Maryam Rajavi says that in order to defeat “the curse of inequality”, competent women should be given leadership responsibilities “without the slightest degree of anxiety”. She notes that women in the Iranian Resistance are already allowed to hold such positions and this has led to women rising above a “decadent and reactionary culture”.

Maryam Rajavi said: “They came to believe in themselves and their capabilities. And when they discovered how necessary their responsible roles are in the advancement of the struggle against the religious tyranny, they decided to leave the world of irresponsibility and passivity, where a women’s self-identity is reliant on others. Instead, they stepped into a world of responsible women who in fact lead a struggle with all its potential consequences.”

She noted that they shed fears of “defeat” or “weakness” and “learned to cultivate the power within themselves”, remaining “helpful and assiduous” about obtaining victory over the Regime. This has even changed the relationships between the women to one of undying support and collective progress.

Maryam Rajavi said: “In order to rebuild the free Iran of tomorrow, we must still be armed with this outlook so that we can create democratic institutions in our society. In other words, the Iranian Resistance also has the historical responsibility to be a builder and a founder. If democracy is not built on gender equality, the participation of all people, free choice of all sectors of society, and unconditional freedom of speech, then it would quickly deviate and take on reactionary tendencies.”

She said that the idea of equality is a promise to Iranians, especially women and youth, and that destroying sexism will undermine the Regime as a whole, which is built on the oppression of women. This means that the mullahs will lose what footing they have.

Maryam Rajavi said: “This explains why the mullahs target the [Resistance] incessantly and extensively through utter demagoguery. In their view, the [Resistance’s] first offence is its unwavering commitment to bring about regime change in Iran. But, in addition to this, in accordance with the mullahs’ Sharia, the [Resistance] has committed the cardinal sin. Because the Iranian Resistance believes that Iranian women are competent enough and must assume the leadership of the democratic Iran of tomorrow.”

Maryam Rajavi explained that the Iranian Resistance is a movement that rejects – completely and absolutely – the ruling ideology and behaviour of the mullahs. That’s why it has risen up to overthrow oppression, inequality and injustice.