Political prisoner Arzhang Davoudi was transferred to this facility under the orders of Bandar Abbas Prison warden Hassan Morsalipour. Morsalipour is a relative of the terrorist Quds Force commander Ghasem Soleimani, and he arrested Davoudi in a raid on the ward of political prisoner where the inmates were insulted and beaten. The political prisoners had protested this attack, leading to Morsalipour ordering Davoudi’s transfer.

Davoudi protested his transfer to this cell, to which he was responded that it was under the orders of Bandar Abbas public prosecutor Assadi. Assadi himself said this transfer has taken place under the orders of Tehran public prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dowlat Abadi. This measure is aimed at escalating control and increasing pressure on Davoudi.

Back in December 2013 Davoudi was transferred to branch 11 of the Bandar Abbas court. His charges were issuing a statement condemning the group execution of 16 Baluchi political prisoners in Zahedan Prison, supporting Camp Liberty residents and protesting the vicious behavior of the prison warden.

Considering the fact that Davoudi’s illegal and inhumane prison term has ended, interrogators of the Ministry of Intelligence have forged files against him in order to keep him locked up hoping to break his spirit and resistance.

For the past six months Arzhang Davoudi has been deprived of telephone calls with his family, any relations with other prisoners and having books, and a serious restriction on food rations, along with physical and psychological torture.

Despite the passing of nearly six months of the transfer of this political prisoner to solitary confinement in an obsolete building that is completely isolated, authorities are refusing to transfer him to a general ward of the prison.