Inside Iran, the brave political activists and human rights defenders have been arrested, tortured, and hung en masse. Outside Iran, the Regime uses terrors attacks and targeted assassinations through their proxy militias or actors.

One of the most horrifying examples of the Regime’s disgusting behaviour is the 1988 massacre, when the Regime murdered 30,000 prisoners affiliated with the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) in just a few months, despite the fact that many had already served their sentences.

This was a crime against humanity for which no one has ever been held accountable. Many of the high-ranking clerics who served on the Death Commission, whose role was to execute as many as possible, still hold positions in the Regime today.

But this 30-year-old tragedy is not a thing of the past. The Iranian people are still terrorised by the Regime’s security agents today, with a level of brutality that would make the Nazis proud.

The paramilitary Basij militia, which is one of five security forces, are fanatical about the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, eager to carry out whatever brutal act that they think would please him, from acid attacks on women who do not meet the strict “Islamic” dress code, shooting protesters in the streets, or beating party goers with clubs. They’re thugs with a badge.

According to research organization RAND, there are about one million conscripts in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), which has five separate groups including the Basij. This means that there is a vast amount of reach for the security forces.

But it’s not just men who can be corrupted in this way, but women too. Many female Basij militants are actually as violent as the men when it comes to policing women’s dress.

Tony Duheaume wrote: “These are the same basic animal instincts that existed within the ranks of the Nazi killing units, which carried out the intense wave of mass killing, at the core of the Holocaust, during the Final Solution to the Jewish Question, which was the Nazi’s plan to carry out the extermination of the world’s Jews during World War II. Carrying out their orders without pity, they were immune from any form of feeling, executing barbaric acts of slaughter, as blood, bones and brains flew everywhere, spattering their faces and clothes.”

He advises that much like the children in Nazi Germany, the Basij members are being brainwashed from childhood to support the Revolution and revere the Supreme Leader as godlike.

The state-run media, warped education system, and a cult of personality around the Regime’s leaders have convinced hundreds of thousands of Iranians to work against their own interests by protecting a dictator at any cost.

Despite this, there are hundreds of thousands of Iranians willing to lay down their lives to bring freedom and democracy to Iran. These people will win out, if they have support from the rest of the world.