They acknowledge the fact that people have reached the highest level of anger and hatred for the regime, but while they can not and will not express this explicitly, they name this hatred the people’s ‘distrust’ of the whole regime.

Referring to widespread poverty among the people and the impact of the coronavirus while increasing the discontent of the people, Jahan Sanat newspaper is concerned that the discontent ‘will not leave the rulers’ and will continue in the future.

The conclusion of the writer of Jahan Sanat about the public discontent and mistrust is that “Social discontent leads to political discontent that is more dangerous than social discontent.” (Jahan Sanat, 14 March)

The Hamdeli daily has also acknowledged the fact that people’s social discontent against the regime has ‘manifested itself in the political arena’ as a result of which the regime ‘faces many internal gaps and splits’ and the ‘golden opportunity is lost.’ (Hamdeli, 14 March)

Arman daily quoted the Agriculture Minister, ‘Today there is a climate of distrust in the country, and this is just the opposite of the atmosphere that existed at the beginning of the revolution, and this is an alarming bell for the officials to solve this dilemma and the unusual reality.’ (Arman, 14 March)

Mohammad Ali Vakili, a member of the regime’s parliament, from the so-called reformist faction, referred wrote about the regime’s disgraceful record: “If we have dislocated social order from the path of justice, there will be a social uprising. If we have dislocated justice and duty from its clear way, the Universe will revolt, and the day will be hard on us… We have committed oppression beyond the ceiling of the Universe. Nothing, like cruelty, provokes the wrath of being.” (Entekhab Daily, 14 March)

People’s mistrust for the mullahs’ regime is such that the Etemad daily, another daily affiliated with Rouhani’s faction, acknowledges that the regime has been facing mistrust since the beginning of the anti-monarchy revolution: “Public confidence in our society has gradually weakened since the first months of the revolution. Note that trust is the product of a process. It is not created immediately and will not disappear immediately. Many promises have been made and heard but have not been fulfilled. All this damages the public trust in society.”

The fact is that Khomeini, as the founder of this regime, was the first to betray the people’s trust.

That criminal was always talking about the people and the public rule until he came to power, then he betrayed the people with all his promises.

The people’s anger and resentment towards the regime is the result of the cruelty they have bestowed upon the people for the past 41 years and the regime is now reaping the consequences – a government that has never been honest with the people and has always betrayed their aspirations.


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