The mothers of those executed by the Iranian regime, especially those of the November 2019 uprising victims, spoke on social media over Persian New Year about a renewed fight for justice that would see their children’s murderers prosecuted and punished.

The mother of November 2019 protester Pejman Qolipour said: “I hope the coming year would be filled with calm, without oppression, without bloodshed, without aggression. We follow the path of our children. I have cried out everywhere, I am the mother of Pejman Qolipour, and the only thing that will soothe my soul is justice for the person who targeted my son’s heart.”

While Mehdi Nekouii’s mother, Mehrdad Mo’einfar, visited his grave and prayed for the regime’s rule to end, saying that “justice is the only hope that keeps us alive. We live in the hope of the overthrow of the murderers of our children.”

Nekouii’s sister said: “My family and I will never forgive… We will be consoled only when the person who fired at the heart of our loved one receives justice.”

This was echoed by Reza Mo’azzami’s mother, who said that she wouldn’t “relent so long as the murderer of Reza is alive”, and Vahid Damvar’s family, who vowed not to take mercy “on the murderer of [these] children”.

Kamal Faraji’s sister, lamenting that she must now visit her brother’s grave rather than his house, said she hoped that this year would bring the “annihilation of the regime”, while Mohsen Jafarpanah’s sister said that the “The demand and natural right of the [victims’] families… is to choose and witness the punishment of the murderers”.

Ali Fotouhi Kouhsareh’s wife described “impatiently waiting for the day when justice is done”, while Aziz Eskandari’s wife vowed to “not forgive, nor forget”. Amir Hossein Kabiri’s family said they wouldn’t rest until they had revenge, while Alireza Anjovi’s said she wanted his murderer to “face justice”.

Ebrahim Ketabdar’s family said that “justice and the annihilation of the murderers” is the wish of all the families of the victims of the November 2019 uprising.

Of course, it is not just the November 2019 protesters whose families have been mourning them this weekend.

The mother of Behnoud Ramezani, a university student beaten to death by Bassij forces during the 2010 Feast of Fire, said: “It has been 10 years since they made us mournful. They sought to solidify their positions, but they were wrong. The blood of our country’s young people will not allow them to reach their dreams.”

Also mourning were the families of Navid Afkari, Behnam Mahjoubi, and Sattar Beheshti.