All of these executions were in prison and all the executed prisoners were men. According to news reports, those executed were between 22 and 50 years old, with the highest number of executions in Gohardasht Prison and Zahedan Central Prison.

Other executions were carried out in the central prisons of Boroujerd, Dizelabad of Kermanshah, Langrood Qom, Ghezel Hesar, Adelabad of Shiraz, Dastgerd and Shirvan of Isfahan. Charges for those executed were murder and drug dealing.

2. Arrests:

In February 2020, 792 people were arrested under different titles. Because of the regime’s obfuscations and lies, the real statistics may be much higher.

Arbitrary Arrests:

Some 680 people were arrested on the pretext of illegal hunting, social activities on telegram and Instagram, and places where boys and girls had mixed parties (which is in Iran prohibited and is considered a social and morality crime).

Political Arrests:

Some 81 people were arrested on the pretext of protesting against the election process, inciting people not to participate in the elections, implementing prison sentences, cooperating with Kurdish parties, students of different universities who were arrested and released on bail during the November uprising and in the January protests; participating in Student’s protests, over the past months for participating in labor protests, and directing a film that insulted President Hassan Rouhani.

Social Arrest:

Some 31 people were arrested as fraudsters, brokers and the General Directorate of Registration of Non-Commercial Companies and Institutions and receiving Bribes.

3. Torture:

During this month, according to news reports, the detainees of the November 2019 uprising were subjected to physical, and psychological torture in various prisons. The specific names are not mentioned in the news. In addition, there have been reports of the physical torture of four inmates and the mental torture of four others.


This month, the news of the flogging of five tourists who went on a business trip to Tabas was released. On the other hand, news agencies reported that flogging sentences had been issued for prisoners, but no news of flogging had been announced.

4. Arbitrary Murder:

In February 2020, five Kulbars (porters) were killed by Iranian border guards and law enforcement.

Three prisoners due to the overwhelming pressure on prisoners in various prisons committed suicide and unfortunately lost their lives. A prisoner also attempted to commit suicide but was rescued by his fellow prisoners. A prisoner was killed through the beating of the prison’s guards. Some 10 Inmates in various prisons lost their lives by the infection of the coronavirus.


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