Mostafa Pourmohammadi, the Justice Minister of Rouhani Cabinet on Wednesday 25 Dec. said he does not believe Rouhani is a reformist.

Pourmohammadi who was commenting during a state run T.V. interview in Tehran said during election period there was the controversy as though Rouhani is a moderate. “I do not believe Rouhani is a reformist. We do not think he is outside of conservative circle,” Pourmohammadi commented.

It is reported that in the summer of 1988, more than 30,000 supporters and activists of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), the principal Iranian opposition movement were executed in prisons. Khomeini, the founder of Islamic Republic issued several fatwas, ordering the execution of all imprisoned MEK activists. A large number of the victims had finished their prison terms.

Mostafa Pourmohammadi was a key person of  “death committee”  in Tehran at the time. He is the Minister of Justice in Rouhani cabinet.