The Iranian regime led by its supreme leader Ali Khamenei hoped to create ‘positive changes’ allowing Hassan Rouhani to become the president of the regime in August 2013 which gave the rudder of the government to the so-called reformist faction for the second after the presidency of the regime’s principlist president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

But this did not happen as Khamenei wished, mainly because of the regime’s economic situation and none of the economic variables changed and the situation has become even more critical as we are witnessing it now.

As a result, due to the trends of the society and the increase of the problems of the society, the people lost their trust and hope once for all in any reformism and are denying now to support any of the regime’s factions. This became obvious especially after the November 2019 protests.

The amazing part was that some of the regime’s elements and officials thought that this turn away of the people from the reformist faction would be in favor of the principlists, but this did not happen and in the last two elections, the people did not participate which was a hard failure for the regime’s propaganda.

And the people showed that they are disappointed with the regime and are not searching for any change in any of the regime’s political currents.

The principled government is now in power, and despite many promises to improve the living conditions of the people, the situation has not changed. If the situation continues like this and no change is achieved; Again, society will turn away from the regime’s political currents and this will be a very dangerous event for the regime, in a situation with critical internal and external crises.

Many of the reformist political activists of the regime reacted to the chanting of the slogan ‘reformist, principlists, the game is over’ during the protests in December 2017, calling it an empty and worthless slogan. They stressed because of their hollow illusions that the reformists continue to be active, dynamic, and cohesive in their political activism on various issues.

However, the development of society’s affairs and the passage of time proved that the society’s view of political currents is not far from this slogan and the reformists and principlists have ignored the people as an important pillar of society in the tumult of political and power games and continued their corrupt and criminal behaviors which have drawn the regime to its demise.

This also led to the significant decline of participation in the turnout in the parliamentary elections in February 2020 and the presidential elections in May 2021.

“What is certain is that today people no longer pay as much attention to political currents and factions as they did in the past, and since they have both experienced these currents at different times when they were in power, they know that the slogan of people’s demands and rights is just an election slogan. They drag people to the polls and forget the people and their demands after reaching the position.

“Therefore, if we take a good look at the people’s criticism of various issues, from the water crisis to livelihood problems and other economic protests, there is no trace of political currents as the axis of the people’s demands from the government.

“This is the reason why other people do not seek hope for change through the channels of political currents and choose another way for this important issue.” (State-run website Roozno, December 23, 2021)

What is media is confessing is that Iran’s society has not the slightest hope in the regime’s factions and political wings and is preparing itself for an overthrowing nationwide protest.

“In the new era of Iran, something important has happened that can be interpreted as ‘reaching the deadlock’ of reform and principlism in Iran. Therefore, what we see as protests because of water, weather or the teachers’ protests is due to this change. This is the mystery of what we see in society right now, and that is why current events are widespread, repetitive, and public.” (State-run website Roozno, December 23, 2021)

The conclusion of these paragraphs is very simple, the regime is facing widespread, repetitive, and more public protests and the number of participating people from all the strata of the society is increasing. This is exactly what did happen in the years before the Shah’s downfall.