The Christmas star, an alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, and Regulus. Jupiter is the planet of kings, Saturn is the shield of Israel, Regulus is the Star of Kings.

The convergence of the three bodies forms the Star of Bethlehem every 2,000 years. In this situation, they are seen as one star which is shining much brighter than any other object.

They can be seen even in the morning light. About 2,000 years ago, this was a sign that in Bethlehem, 3 wise men were led to the house of Mary, the birthplace of Jesus Christ. This happened a year before the birth of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ (PBUH), the Rebirth of Love, Friendship, and Dignity for Humanity

Every year, one night, candle lights, the pleasant sound of bells, and the beautiful reverberation of religious songs are combined to celebrate the blessed birth of Jesus Christ.

The birth of the light that shone in the darkness of past centuries, the bell that rang for love and justice, and the song that resounded the song of human evolution and dignity in the ears of the confused human soul.

The birth of Christ (PBUH) was the good news of love, brotherhood, and mercy for humanity. Christ (PBUH), from the first day, was the peace of God and his word of kindness to humanity that Mary (PBUH) gifted to humanity and dedicated him to the way of God and the suffering and needy people.

The beginning of the prophecy of Jesus Christ was in a situation where great respect was given to the appearances of the law of Moses. But the representatives of these principles put away its real spirit and put it in the service of the Roman empire. For this reason, the struggle of Jesus Christ (PBUH) was against religious abusers who misdirected the teachings of Moses out of its unifying principles.

Jesus Christ (PBUH) after his birth, the first words he spoke were about unity, kindness, sanctification, and abstinence from cruelty and oppression.

Jesus Christ (PBUH) was the herald of the deliverance of the Son of Man if he were full of compassion for the deprived and the oppressed, but he was at war with the oppressors and predators of mankind and religion abusers, and he spoke to them only with anger and hatred.

Once he said to them: “You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?”

Yes, today this is the message of Iran’s people to the regime’s snakes and vipers. Indeed, how will they escape the fire of hell?

Maryam Rajavi Prays for Freedom and Justice in Iran

On this holy night Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, president-elect of the National Council Resistance of Iran (NCRI) in her message said:

“Greetings to Jesus Christ, the “Sun of Justice” for the deprived and oppressed and the guiding star encouraging them to rise and revolt for freedom.
Greetings to the Virgin Mary, who dedicated herself to the salvation of humanity. The Holy Quran describes her as one of the greatest missionaries of unity and trailblazers of human liberty.

“Honorable Christians in Iran and around the world, supporters of the Iranian people’s Resistance,

Merry Christmas to all of you, the followers of deliverance, peace, and justice.

On this blessed night, followed by the “brightest days” with the birth of Christ, I pray for my people and homeland to triumph over the criminal sinister mullahs’ regime and achieve freedom and happiness.

We honor the name of Christ, which in the words of the Bible is “the light of the world.” He is the inspiration to everyone who seeks to bring down the oppressors, hypocritical Pharisees, and the demagogue mullahs.

On this night, let us remember the mothers of the martyrs of the 1988 massacre, the mothers of the martyrs of the uprising, especially of the November 2019 uprising, whose courage and sacrifice matches the Virgin Mary’s.”