This member of the parliament’s conservative faction (hardliners) has so far collected 50 signatures for a closed session of parliament to address Rouhani’s position on domestic and international issues, which he announced on Monday as part of a landmark speech in the presence of ambassadors and representatives of Iranian regime abroad.

According to this report, Hassan Rouhani on Monday in the first annual meeting with the regime’s ambassadors and representatives in foreign countries emphasized the need to engage with the world and said: “Some unduly frighten the region and the world of Iran’s [threat], an Iran which is thoroughly peaceful, justice, peaceful coexistence, and avoids weapons of mass destruction, war and intervention in the affairs of others.” 
Rouhani stated that the basis of the foreign policy, negotiations and interactions with the world is what the people demands and added: “This side of the story is also astonishing; engagement phobia. They say why do you get close to foreigners? They have dangerous electricity. Do not get close to them. Somebody says whenever we engage in negotiations with foreigners we fail.”  
He called his opponents and critics of negotiations cowards and said: “Some are chanting on the surface but are in fact political cowards. Whenever the negotiations starts, they say we are shaking; the hell with that. Go find a warm place for yourself [and don’t shake]. What can we do? God created you coward and shaky. What do we do?”