Mohammad Hossein Ghorbani, the spokesman of the Health Committee said in a conversation with the state-run news agency of ISNA on May 4: “The authorities of the administration of fighting drugs offered a report about the prevalence of addiction in the country and said the number of addicts is higher than the figure of addicts in Afghanistan. Merely 26% of this number is related to the addiction to industrial drugs.”

Without mentioning to the root reason of addiction in Iran and distribution of drugs by IRGC gangs, he said: “Addiction is the root of many social problems including unemployment and divorce. It seems that our strategies during the past 35 years failed to change the situation of addiction in country. We must change the manner of management, the manner of view and the manner of fighting with drugs and we must involve other ministries in addition to Ministry of Health in the issue of drugs.”

In confrontation with this reality that the age of addiction in the rule of mullahs has reached 13 years, in respond to the question of the journalist that regarding the fact that the statistics show that the age of addiction in the country has reached the average age of children in secondary school, is there a statistic of the age of addiction in the country or not, the speaker of Health Committee of mullahs’ parliament stated: “There are statistics in this regard but I do not like to mention it and I prefer to be silent about it and I only say that the statistics about addiction are extremely worrying.”      

In this regard, Hamidreza Jalaipour, professor of sociology of Tehran’s university had previously announced that the number of addicts in Iran in more than Pakistan.

Earlier, Rasool Khezri, member of Health Committee of regime’s parliament had reported in a conversation with the state-run news agency of Mehr about the confirmation of decrease in prices of some drugs in Iran for selling them better and doubling the number of addicted women, and reducing the age of addiction in the country to 13 years.