The repressive forces of the IRGC Intelligence and plainclothes agents gathered in Sepah Square, in Tehran at 9:30 that morning to prevent the demonstrators from marching to the regime’s parliament (Majlis). 

Reports say that IRGC Intelligence agents threatened many of the personnel and faculty of the Education Ministry the day before, in a attempt to dissuade them from taking part in the demonstration. 

Internet service was also disrupted in the central and western parts of the capital to to disrupt organizing efforts and mass mobilization for the demonstration. 

In spite of these efforts, large numbers of faculty and retired personnel managed protest at the Majlis and display their placards which read, “Earning a decent living is our inalienable right.”  

Hundreds of retired personnel of the staged a gathering outside their former employer, the Department of Education, in Shiraz. 

A group of the retired personnel of the Education Department also staged a gathering in Mashhad.  Their placards read, “Motto of the International Teachers Day: Respect the status of teachers, and improve their dignity and status.”  

Teachers and the faculty of the Education Department in the north Iranian Province of Gilan, issued a statement on International Teachers Day, as well.  They demanded “abolition of discrimination in salaries, benefits, and provision of the minimum living, removal of security, political and social pressures on teachers, removal of the obstacles for the teachers’ organized activities and their affiliated media, provision of social and health insurances, balancing the salaries and benefits of the working and retired personnel of the Education Department with other educational facilities, and improvement of classroom conditions to match international standards.”  

Retired teachers and faculty of the Education Ministry do not enjoy dignified living conditions under the rule of the clerical regime in Iran. They are deprived of many of their rights. They live in terrible conditions. “This is while the Iranian people’s assets are spent on warlike efforts and export of terrorism to other countries, particularly in the Middle East, on missile projects, or are plundered by the regime’s leaders. Parts of such astronomical embezzlements are revealed in the course of the regime’s internal feuding,” says the NCRI, who add,  “The Iranian Resistance hails all the freedom-loving teachers and education faculty of Iran and calls on the nation, particularly on women and youths, to rise in solidarity with the teachers’ protest movement.”