The Iranian regime’s state-run media outlets have been warning over the past few days about a major uprising against the regime, which reflects how terrified the mullahs are about this possibility.

Many of the articles were reacting to either the coronavirus outbreak, which the regime has failed to get under control or the new “economic relief” plan proposed by President Hassan Rouhani, which essentially involves just selling oil futures to the people and sparked a decrease in Iran’s stock market.

On Tuesday, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) announced that more than 90,700 people died from coronavirus, the spread of which can be attributed to the regime’s cover-up and inaction, including sending people back to work in April and reopening religious and tourist sites.

Officials and state media fear that protests will erupt over this as they did over the gas price hike in November 2019, only many times worse.

The state-run Setareh Sobh quoted Deputy Health Minister Reza Malekzadeh as saying that virus transmission has increased three to nine times compared with March and that exhausted medical staff with their outdated equipment are not at all prepared for a third wave of the virus.

Malekzadeh said: “[The government] is ignorant of the fact that 26 provinces of the country are currently red or on alert… Holding mourning ceremonies and reopening schools and universities create serious crises in spreading the virus. If these ceremonies and reopening occur, we will see the alarming outbreak of Coronavirus in the fall.”

While the state-run Jahan-e Sanat quoted National Covid-19 Task Force member Mohammad Reza Mahboubfar as saying that the virus was found in Iran a month before the official announcement but the government concealed it fearing that their anniversary celebrations would be dampened.

Mahboubfar said: “From the very beginning, transparent reporting was not provided to the public. Most certainly these numbers have been engineered from the very beginning of the coronavirus epidemic… In my opinion, the numbers reported by the Health Ministry are one-twentieth of the true figures.”

While President Hassan Rouhani has been bragging about the “economic relief” plan for days, it was revealed that it merely consisted of selling oil or other governmental shares to the people, which caused a downfall in the stock market.

The state-run Ebtekar daily wrote: “The government saw its wrong behavior [in rising] the fuel price. Due to the current situation with many issues like squeezed springs, any behavior that leads to the formation of an ‘explosive stock market’ and its explosion will be economic suicide for the [regime’] and society. And this will have security consequences.”

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