On Monday, January 10, 2022, throngs of people in Iran came out onto the streets, protesting the officials’ failure to address their fundamental rights. According to reports compiled by Iran News Update from various provinces, people from different walks of life condemned the government’s mismanagement and plundering policies.

Protesters included dam employees, bus drivers, offshore forces, students, petrochemical workers, residents, car clients, and contract workers. The continuation of protests across the country shows society’s readiness for making fundamental socio-economic-political changes for a decent life. 

Dam Employees Continue Rally for Day-13 

For the 13th consecutive day, employees of the Shafarud dam rallied outside the dam’s workplace in Rezvanshahr, the northern province of Gilan. They protested officials’ failure to pay their delayed salaries for months. 

Bus Drivers Rally in Tehran and Urmia 

Bus drivers affiliated with the private sector rally outside President Ebrahim Raisi’s office in Pasteur St., venting their anger over the government’s failure to ensure their fundamental rights. 

Bus drivers of the private sector rally outside the Presidential office, Tehran; January 10, 2022

A day earlier, around 300 bus drivers affiliated with the private sector stopped working and went on strike in Urmia, West Azarbaijan province. They reportedly continued their strike for the second consecutive day on January 10, in tandem with drivers’ protest in Tehran. 

Under the excuse of the private sector, officials in Iran have allocated many industries, factories, and public services to their relatives or former partners. In other words, they exploit millions of unemployed forces by giving the low-salary carriers to them according to ambiguous contracts, which enable employers to evade providing minimum working conditions, particularly insurance rights, for jobseekers.  

Offshore Employees Rally in Izeh 

Offshore transport employees affiliated with the Karun-3 section rally outside the Water & Power office in Izeh, Khuzestan province. They express their anger over officials’ failure to pay their salaries, which deteriorated their living conditions worse than before. 

Offshore transport employees rally outside Water&Power Office in Izeh, Khuzestan; January 10, 2022

“We are the offshore transport forces in Izeh. For around three years, the local court has ruled in our favor. However, officials still refuse to pay our wages. Therefore, we have a peaceful gathering here. Our families are with us here. Follow-up our demands, please,” a worker said, addressing authorities. 

Students Rally Outside Parliament 

Eligible students gathered outside the Parliament [Majlis] in the capital, protesting officials’ failure to hold fair college entrance exams. They blamed the government for failing to clarify their actual ranks. 

Students protest officials' failure to hold just college entrance exams, Tehran; January 10, 2022

According to familiar experts on the issue, the state-backed mafia has shaded Iran’s universities and colleges, which deal with students based on its own standards. In this respect, the mafia purges colleges from eligible students through ambiguous prosses and weird exams, paving the path for officials’ children and relatives. 

Petrochemical Employees Rally in Mahshahr 

In the southwestern province of Khuzestan, famous for its massive amount of petroleum reserves, petrochemical employees of Maroun Plant stopped working and went on a strike. Due to the growing inflation rate, they protested government-backed employers for failing to increase their salaries and privileges. 

Employees of Maroun Petrochemical Plant go on strike in Mahshahr, Khuzestan; January 10, 2022

While the poverty line in Iran has surpassed 100 million rials [$400] per month, workers’ minimum wage is around 40 million rials per month. On the other hand, employers refuse to pay workers’ salaries for months, which robbed insult to working families’ wounds. 

Instead of supporting impoverished workers, the corrupt government supports employers, leaving millions of workers, employers, and even teachers and nurses in dire living conditions. At the same time, many householders cannot afford essential foods such as red meat or chicken for their families. 

Mojen Residents Rally in Semnan 

In the east-central province of Semnan, residents of Mojen county rallied outside the provincial judiciary to protest officials’ illegal decision for allocating their lands to state-backed entities. 

They questioned the government’s deceitful claims about supporting the underprivileged while it supplies plundering and corrupt institutions at the expense of low-income citizens. 

SAIPA Diesel Clients Rally in Tehran 

In the capital, a group of defrauded people by the automaking company of SAIPA Diesel held a rally, protesting the government-aligned company for failing to deliver their pre-purchased vehicles after four years. 

Defrauded people by SAIPA Diesel rally in Tehran; January 10, 2022

In their rally, protesters vented their anger over systematic corruption. “SAIPA betrays, [the Industry] Minister supports it,” they chanted, showing their fury over Industry, Mine & Trade Minister Reza Fatemi-Amin’s performance in favor of the company. 

Contract Workers Rally in Mashhad 

In the northeastern province of Razavi Khorasan, dozens of contract workers affiliated with the local municipality rallied outside the office. 

Contract workers of Mashhad municipality rally outside the office, Razavi Khorasan; January 10, 2022

They blamed officials, particularly Mayor Abdollah Erjaei, for indifference to their dire living and working conditions. “Erjaei, meeting, meeting,” they chanted, demanding the Moyer meet them and express their dilemmas face-to-face.