This fear is so obvious that the regime’s parliament last Sunday was forced to confess about it. Below are parts of the speeches in the parliament on 19 July.

Gholamreza Marhaba, fearing a global consensus against the regime, said: “Today, it is necessary for the parliament and the government to overcome problems by maintaining calm, harmony and intimacy, empathy and interaction. Any tension and confrontation will discourage and worry the people and will make the foreigners and sworn enemies of the revolution and the system of the Islamic Republic think of abusing them.”

Referring to the Free Iran Global Summit 2020 held by the National Council Resistance of Iran (NCRI) on Friday, he added: “Today, the sworn enemies of the Iranian nation gathered around the world and did their best to destroy us.”

Alireza Salami in fear of the regime’s secrecy about the coronavirus statistics, while referring to the 25 statistics of the infected people announced by the regime’s President Hassan Rouhani, said: “Are the other statistics the same? Why such a severe difference by the statistics?”

“Mr. President himself says 25 million people, Ministry of Health says, 270-280 thousand people? What are they really doing? Are the other statistics the same? Employment statistics Unemployment statistics Inflation statistics, all other cases are the same? Really such a difference? Really, a difference from where to where? Difference between 270,000 and 25 million, why so much?”

Ruhollah Abbaspour, another regime MP, said: “We discussed the commodity (coupon) and the coupon issue. This could raise anxiety in the community and put people in a position to actually attack shops. And other issues that can cause a riot and critical conditions.”

Mohammad Reza Sabaghian, another MP, said: “The concern of all people today is livelihood, the deputies’ question to the President is about the livelihood, funds, and the economy of the people. The interpellation (of the regime’s President) is about these issues. All the people and representatives today speaking about the same thing. Sir, why is this situation? Who is responsible? Unfortunately, the issue of interpellation and the question issue is arising, as you can see there is a lot of contraries, and until now it didn’t happen.”

Jafar Ghaderi, another lawmaker, said: “The economic problems of the country are such that today in every circle and club there is talk of economic problems and this has caused serious problems for the three branches.”

Hossein Ali Shahryari added: “Unfortunately, today we are witnessing poverty, high prices and unbridled inflation, and problems related to the poor and deprived sections of the country. Mr. President did not sleep while starving even one night to understand what hunger means. He was not without money and not able to send his children to school because of the lack of money. His children were not unemployed to see what harm unemployment would do to their families.”

“Two years ago, I said in this parliament that if the government does not do something, because of poverty and hunger and the pressure of the deprived people, they will one day throw us out of the parliament and the government officials out of the government. It does not take much time, why do you have closed your eyes and are not listening?

“Unfortunately, these days high costs are making a lot of commotion, the currency and gold resources of the country have been looted by the government’s officials. Today the price of the dollar is soaring.”


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