An regime’s official warned about the occurrence of “Social violence and bitter events” and said: “Conflicts between the larger social strata and the government eventually lead to the emergence of conflicting subcultures (with the system).”

Mostaghel wrote: “We pass this year with backbreaking house renting, shared housing, sleeping in graves, living in tents and on the rooftops, while the “Huge crows of the people”, “weak” in “providing the minimums” and the front of the “four percent who becoming fatter, will confront each other, and in this encounter, definitely the looser is not those people to have nothing to lose.” (Mostagel, 28 June 2020)

Aftab Yazd daily on 30 June wrote: “People accept to die when they realize to have nothing to lose. Before the situation worsens, we should support the tired people.”

A government expert said: “The acceleration of the high cost, has shocked the people in moments. (Mostaghel daily, 28 June)

Resalat wrote on 28 June: “This year the poverty line’s value for a family of four has reached 9 million Tomans. (Resalat daily, 28 June)

The state-run daily Etemad on 28 June said that to prevent any social explosion, the regime should accept any negotiations and wrote: “This will be the biggest mistake and the greatest loss of an opportunity for the system to postpone the negotiations that we can do today, hoping for Trump’s defeat in the current economic crisis and with the huge population of unemployed youth who are ready to explode at any moment.”


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One Iranian cleric, Hashemzadeh Harisi, said about the explosive social condition: “Today, the society’s situation is practically unbearable. People are moving away from the system every day. Today the situation is very sensitive. We cannot sit and watch that the system is dying. So, it’s not like we’re waiting for problems to be solved tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.”

Explaining the situation and concerns about the uprising, the Diplomacy Irani website wrote on 26 June: “Many experts and economists now say that inflation above 40% of the country has leads that the people’s tolerance reached its peak, and at any moment we may have a widespread uprising and protest in society due to problems, high costs, inflation, recession, high prices of goods, rent housing, gold, dollars, coins, cars, and other issues. Therefore, the conditions and the fragile social and living conditions of the interior do not allow Iran to follow this surprising scenario.”

Fearing the result of the regime’s actions, members of the parliament wrote a letter to Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani warning of the consequences and said: “Aren’t those who are not able to provide their livelihoods and have to work several times a day for the bare minimum of their lives, citizens of Iran? We wish you could look at the faces of children working because of poverty or the garbage collectors who are fighting for a bite of bread when you are on the way to work.