In the country’s capital, Iranians from all sectors of society are taking to the streets in strikes and protests. Anti-government rallies are also increasing as groups are calling the regime out for stealing their money and their rights.

In Tehran, the clients who lost money via the Caspian credit company took to the streets, calling for the government to give them all the stolen funds back. The clients of the credit company held a major protest back in January. The firm is owned by the notorious Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and it was discovered that the government was running a major scheme that resulted in ordinary citizens losing billions of dollars.

The people were told that they would have a quick return on investments and they were encouraged to put their entire savings into the firm. The firm lost all the money and has been unable to refund its clients.

During the current rally, the people decided to continue with their protests despite the police presence and the attempts to disperse the crowds.

Also, shop owners at the city’s Aladdin shopping complex went on strike despite threats from authorities to cut their electricity and to issue fines. Authorities are also telling the store owners that their permits may be revoked.

The economic situation in Iran presents the ordinary citizen with many uncertainties. Poverty conditions are getting worse and more and more people are falling into the absolute poverty category.

Workers in Iran have very few rights, not even the most basic. Labour laws are not in favour of workers and many people are having a hard time making ends meet on extremely low salaries.

A few months ago, a member of the High Labour Council declared that job security is enjoyed by just four per cent of the workers in the country.

Many workers in Iran have not received their salaries for a number of months, making an already difficult even more difficult.

Labour activists have been taking matters into their own hands by organising strikes and rallies, but the regime is taking steps to systematically silence them. Many activists have been arrested and thrown in jail over the past few years and the regime is handing out tough sentences to dissuade others from voicing their discontent.