Several mothers of the November 2019 protests’ martyrs have heroically urged their fellow Iranians to boycott the Presidential elections in June to show that the Iranian people’s vote is for regime change. Let’s look at what they said.

The mother of Milad Mohaveri said that many other mothers and other relatives share the grief at the loss of a loved one who was peacefully protesting against the regime. She called on the Iranian people to “act logically” and boycott the elections because voting would be “a betrayal to our future generations”.

Another mother said: “I do not forgive the unjustly spilt blood of my Mehrdad. My vote is the overthrow of this regime. People, if you vote, you are putting your finger in the blood of your compatriots who were murdered innocently during the bloody November [2019 major protests], like Mehrdad and many others.”

While the mother of Mohammad Taeri called the crackdown on the peaceful protests, where 1,500 protesters were shot dead in the streets by the regime, “one of the most despicable crimes of the Islamic Republic in the last 42 years”, even amounting to “premeditated murder”, and called for the vote in response to be for regime overthrow.

Mehrdad Rezai’s mother said: “I have missed my son’s voice for 18 months. I have missed my son for 18 months. I neither forgive nor forget. I will not vote for the Islamic Republic. Those who vote, I hold them accountable in this world or the afterlife.”

Navid Behboodi’s mother said she would not vote and encouraged others to do the same, lamenting that she has been without her son for 18 months. While Mohsen Jafar-Panah’s mother explained that her son’s blood was “spilt unjustly”, which is why she is “not happy with this regime” and “will not vote”. She told viewers that if they cared for their relatives, they should boycott the election.

Reza Mazloomi’s mother said: “Today it has been 18 months since they took away my son. They took part of me, my young boy. For my wrenching heart and the lost dreams of my son, I will never vote.”

Other mothers warned that if people legitimise the regime by voting then their children will also be slaughtered by the regime one day, saying that voting will ruin the future of children, while the blood of the martyrs is still fresh.

One mother said: “Those who go to the ballot box are complicit with those who did this to us. We will never forgive. Not just those who ordered, recorded, and carried out the order of murdering our children, but we will not forgive those who vote and participate in the elections. Their sin, and the one of those who stay silent in the face of oppression, is not less than those who killed and betrayed our children.”