As the start of the presidential election in Iran approaches, some of the so-called reformists are acting mysteriously which of course is not an unexpected thing.

These fake regime’s reformists have forgotten that they themselves once said, “Reforms are dead, and just because of the coronavirus we did not arranged a burial ceremony.”

They have forgotten that the same official of their faction said: “In the Middle Ages when the king died, they have used this expression, ‘the king is dead, long live the king, now let me tell this about the reformists. I will say: ‘The reforms are dead, long live the reform. Reforms in the form that (Sadegh) Zibakalam, Tajzadeh, Aref, and Seyed Mohamad Khatami, and everyone else have presented are dead, and it is impossible that someone votes in their favor.” (Sadegh Zibakalam, Khabar Online, May 1, 2020)

But this was not a ‘normal death’ and end of the so-called reformist faction was due to the people’s protests in 2017-2018, with the slogan, ‘Reformists, principelists, the game is over.’

One of the so-called reformists who is playing the role of safety valve for the regime is Mostafa Tajzadeh who has the mission to soften people’s radical slogans against the regime which currently call for its overthrow.

While the people’s slogans ‘My vote is overthrow’ and ‘Yes to the Democratic Republic’ are spreading in the social media, among the people and the activities of the opposition’s Resistance Units, this stylist of the regime who is trying to save the elections said:

“For 42 years now, those who oppose the Islamic Republic have been boycotting the elections. Where are their achievements? Every time their sanctions have become stronger, authoritarianism in Iran has become stronger. Even today, they say that neither the Islamic Republic nor the elections and are saying that for the first time very clear. They say we want to defeat the reformists by saying no to elections, because the other faction which of course is dishonored and is authoritarian and have nothing to do with it. Their idea is that if they defeat the reformists, society will become bipolar, there will be a revolution, they will return, they will become the leader of the revolution.” (Internet daily Faraz, April 14, 2021)

These fake reformists, who are the servants of this regime, are trying to demonize any sanctioning of the election and staying behind the regime and are promoting the stability of this regime. Tajzadeh then showed the real face of the so-called reformists and its role as he said:

“We say Sir, who are on the other side of this story, you are saying no to the election, then we ask what else? They say protest. This is their strongest lever. We say protest in Iran. With protests, let us speak with each other very clearly. For example, with one or ten protests the Islamic Republic will be overthrew, for example our ideal system will be established. I think that contra and compliant knows that this is an illusion. Because the Islamic Republic still has the will to survive, it still has the will to suppress, it still has the support of the people.” (Internet daily Faraz, April 14, 2021)

He added: “The Islamic Republic will not fall. There are two other possible scenarios: one is that these demonstrations become widespread, and the Islamic Republic will suppress them. Well, what is the use of this? Shedding the blood of young people? The space becomes more with a high security presence and the frustration in the society will increase. That is why I say that we have no other choice but to vote.” (Internet daily Faraz, April 14, 2021)

Then showing the regime without any real alternative as he said: “If in these 42 years those who said sanctioning the Islamic Republic and it will be overthrown, it will not be overthrown, and if it is overthrown, its alternative is a great chaos because we have no unity leader, no single organization, no single model for a government.

“I think the invitation to overthrow the Islamic Republic is a joke. In my opinion it is an invitation to chaos.” (Internet daily Faraz, April 14, 2021)

One of the wonders is that he is scaring Iran’s people that Iran would become Syria, while he is one of the founders of the regime’s Revolutionary Guards.

“In 1979 we said that if even Shah goes and Ebn Ziad takes his place is better. Then we realized that this was wrong. Now a nation or some people want to repeat the same mistake, they are free to go, I will not stop them. But I imagine that the majority of the society did not reached such a position, and Iran’s tomorrow is important for them. That is the reason why many of our criticizers are not participating the protests.

“Not because they are fearing to be arrested and being charged and end in the prison. They say may be chaos will lead the country. And what happened in Syria. There is now for more than 10 years a civil war and it is unknown how long this civil war will continue. And then after 30-40 years they will land on the start point, then say what have we done. I will not make chaos in Iran at the price of shooting out the mullahs to make any change as they are telling.” (Internet daily Faraz, April 14, 2021)

As we can see the mission of these reformists is securing the existence of this regime, and he has no shame in saying that “I am a critic who was the child of this revolution and this system. Not that this person anymore and by the way, today, to save this child, I say that fundamental reforms must be made.”

And our last comment, about what kind of ‘fundamental reforms’ is he speaking in this regime. A regime that answered the people’s request to regulate the gas prices with bullets in November 2019.