The regime has no idea how to solve the difficulties that the people in Iran face, nor does it have the will to try. All of its efforts and resources are going towards its survival, which means spreading terrorism and chaos across the region so it can profit from instability.  

Public assets are plundered on warmongering activities, as is the country’s capital. The people are fed up with this corruption that is destroying their country.  

To make their discontent heard, Iranians are taking part in daily protests. However, instead of listening to the grievances the people have, never mind responding to them or taking action to remedy the situation, the regime is responding with violence, force, and suppression.   

There have been protests at the Azarab factory in Arak and protesters have clashed with the suppressive forces sent by the regime. The regime attempted to ban gatherings there, but the factory workers went ahead and organized a protest anyway. They were confronted by suppressive forces, both inside and in front of the factory.


Several of the protesters were arrested, and in a later protest, the workers demanded the immediate release of their colleagues. On Monday, family members of those that were arrested the previous day also participated in the protests. They were met with tear gas which led to the protesting workers clashing with the regime’s forces that were present.  

The President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) Mrs. Maryam Rajavi praised the brave factory workers for their resilience and determination. She also urged the people of Arak, in particular, the young people, to join the factory workers in their protests. She also called on international organizations and labor unions to condemn the Iranian regime’s suppression and mistreatment of workers.  

In addition to the protests in Arak, there have been protests in Ahvaz at the Telecommunication Office. Employees gathered in front of the head office where they demanded their unpaid salaries. The crowds grew and grew and the people were heard shouting for their rights.  

Kharadegh workers in Naghadeh were also demanding their unpaid salaries. They were striking and protesting. The workers have not been paid for more than seven months.  

In Mahshahr port, workers from the Farabi petrochemical company protested their unpaid salaries too.  

Anti-government demonstrations, strikes, and protests are happening with such great frequency across the country. The protests are no longer about economic issues – they are now loud and clear