As the Iranian regime’s president, Ebrahim Raisi, continued his visits around Iran last week, he was once again met with protesters as he arrived in the southern province of Bushehr on Friday. He ostensibly visited several provinces to meet with local citizens and the provincial administrative council to help find solutions to the problems faced in the region.

During his visit, Raisi partook in many photo opportunities, as well as promising to solve the housing, employment, and infrastructure problems in the province. A meeting with local farmers in Bushehr reportedly went well when Raisi promised them that he would solve their irrigation problems.

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) said, “Raisi has made so many such promises since taking office in August, that his policy is being described as ‘promise therapy’, which basically means that he addresses basic problems by just promising to solve them.”

Despite the PR stunt for the media with the prearranged meetings, as Raisi arrived at Bushehr he was greeted with protest rallies of local citizens, outraged at his previous false promises.

The airport where Raisi’s plane was due to land was swarmed by a large group of people marching and chanting slogans against the regime, with some saying, ‘Justice is a lie’, about Raisi’s so-called promise to fight corruption within the regime.

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Other protests took place across the province, with one group of locals holding a rally outside of the provincial governate office, and residents of the Tongak village taking their demonstration to the province’s capital. The latter protest was in response to the regime’s security forces and their actions to destroy houses in the village.

The MEK said, “Last week, Raisi made a similar trip to the province of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad, hoping to endear himself with the people of the province. But when his vehicle reached the Tang-e Sorkh region of Boyer Ahmad, the people blocked his path.”

The response to Raisi’s arrival in the region was bad enough that even the state media in Iran had no choice but to admit that the locals were highly outraged and using profane language to get their views across.

The responses to Raisi’s trips to the many provinces of Iran have highlighted just how much the regime and its factions are despised by Iranian society. After four decades of the mullahs’ rule and severe repression, society has finally had enough.

Not even the brutal crackdowns of nationwide uprisings in recent years have deterred people from coming to the streets and protesting the regime. The horrors of the uprising in November 2019 saw the brutal murder of 1,500 protesters, with thousands of others being left injured by the regime’s security forces.

The regime has tried again and again to control the outrage felt by Iranian society, but they have yet to be successful. Even with the newest president and his administration, who were selected by the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei purely for their histories of repressing dissent, they will not dissuade the people from speaking out and demonstrating their frustrations and outrage.

The MEK said, “Protests have only expanded since Raisi’s presidency. And wherever he travels, protesters are there to make sure he hears the people’s desire to get rid of his regime.”