However, as always, they resort to allegations that are never backed by reliable evidence and facts. And they make no efforts to clarify why they have slaughtered more than 200 innocent people over the first two days of the protests alone?

Iranian officials underscore the MEK’s role in word and practice

The propaganda Iranian officials have been spreading against protesters underlines a truth about their main opposition. In this regard, it is crucial to remember Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s remarks in January 2018. He said, “They were prepared months ago. The media of the [Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK)] admitted to this; they said, recently… to carry out… to organize riots.” On November 17, Khamenei once again blamed the MEK as the forerunners of the current protest movement, saying that “Complex of [Mojahedin-e Khalq]. They are continuously encouraging and persuading [youths] to employ this wickedness.”

In addition to Khamenei’s remarks, Iranian authorities have long endeavored to counter the substantial threat that the MEK poses to their regime’s survival. Therefore, they are relentlessly plotting terror attacks against MEK members abroad and suppressing their supporters inside the country. On the other hand, the Iranian government has launched a misinformation campaign to cause despair among the young Iranian generation about the alternative to the theocratic state.

However, Ali Khamenei well grasped protests’ attributes and underscored the organizing quality, underscored by the main slogans chanted during protests, targeted at himself, including “Death to Khamenei,” and “Death to the principle of Velayat-e Faqih [the Supreme Leader].”

MEK; the archenemy of Ayatollahs

The truth is Iran’s dire economic conditions are the result of four decades of officials’ mismanagement, corruption, and systematic nepotism. Crucially, economic grievances sparked the nationwide protests whether in early 2018 or November 2019. The current unrest also began after the abrupt announcement of the government about a tripling of gas prices. Surprisingly, protests expanded to around 140 cities across the country with similar slogans. These factors in addition to providing the greatest number of videos by the MEK displayed the role of this organization. Meanwhile, posting the latest videos and news on MEK media proved the popular support of the Mojahedin-e Khalq in various cities and towns.

The Iranian government annually spends large sums of cash to conceal the MEK’s popularity in Iran. Thousands of books and publications, hundreds of movies, assemblies, and interviews show the government’s efforts to spread propaganda against this movement. The Ayatollahs pursue to insinuate the people and in particular the young generation that there are no good alternatives to their rule. Therefore, people should bear this situation and do not think about a fundamental change.

However, despite the widespread effort of authorities, the MEK received a warm welcome by Iranian youths, one of the most well-educated and secular-minded populations in the Middle East. The current protests and the impact of expanding MEK’s domestic network have proven this reality. Although the officials bluntly acknowledged the role of MEK in recent protests in accordance with the well-coordinated events. The truth is the coincidence in slogans, clothing, and common targets in 140 cities across the country prove that these protests were not heterogeneous.

Even as authorities are blaming protests on the foreign factors, they are employing all their capacity to cut off communications between protesters and beyond Iran’s borders. In this context, Ayatollahs imposed the greatest internet blackout in over their 40-year rule. They simultaneously claim that they were able to absolute quell the protests. However, they do not explain what the internet is still shut down?

What is expected from the international community?

Up to this point, it is too unfortunate that major powers have not stepped forward to curb the regime’s bloodshed in Iran. The Iranian people and their Organized Resistance are the best allies to the international community for establishing peace and security in the Middle East and defeating the main state-sponsor of terrorists across the globe.

Regrettably, despite around 250 killed and more than 3,000 injured, the international community did not pay deserved attention to what is happening inside Iran. In this regard, the president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran Maryam Rajavi called on the UN Secretary-General António Guterres to brief the UN Security Council about the atrocities perpetrated by the Iranian regime and urged him to convene an extraordinary session of the Council.

Silence vis-à-vis the crimes against humanity perpetrated in Iran every day is absolutely unacceptable, Mrs. Rajavi underscored, adding that the Security Council must declare the regime and its leaders responsible for the crime against humanity for which they must face justice.

Thus, silence vis-à-vis crimes against humanity perpetrated in Iran is not only hurting the Iranian people’s struggle toward freedom and justice but also counted as a green light for more massacre by the militant regime. Therefore, it is necessary that the world community advocates for the Iranian people’s right to overthrow tyranny and establish a democratic government.