The MEK, as part of a wider coalition of democratic forces calling for regime change in Iran – the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), will take control in Iran for a six-month period following the fall of the mullahs to hold a free and fair election in order to form a national assembly and institute a new constitution.

Given that it now seems more likely that the MEK will be taking power in Iran before too long, we thought we should look at the 10-point political platform they have adopted as it will so form the basis for the Iranian constitution.

1. The ballot box: The MEK believes that the only path to political legitimacy is through free and fair elections with universal suffrage.

2. Pluralism: The MEK seeks a pluralist system, with complete individual freedoms, including political party membership, assembly, speech, the media, and access to information (i.e. the internet).

3. Judicial System: The MEK believe in the rule of law and justice, so they wish to establish a modern judicial system that is based on the principles of presumption of innocence, the right to defence, effective judicial protection and the right to be tried in a public court. They would also seek the total independence of judges.

Furthermore, the MEK wishes to abolish the mullahs’ Sharia law and remove the death penalty.

4. Religion: The MEK believe that religion and state should be kept separate from each other. They would also ban any type of discrimination in any facet of life against the followers of any religion and denomination.

5. Gender Equality: The MEK believes in total equality of the genders in political, social, and economic arenas. They would ban any form of discrimination against women and allow them to freely make decisions about their own lives in the realms of marriage, divorce, clothing, education, and employment. The MEK is also committed to the equal participation of women in political leadership.

6. Human Rights: The MEK is committed to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and all of its international covenant and conventions, including the Convention against Torture, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women.

7. Equality: The MEK believes that all nationalities are equal and would seek to preserve and protect the language and culture of all Iranians. They see that this forms part of Iran’s human resources and must be allowed propagate in Iran. The MEK also supports the plan for an autonomous Iranian Kurdistan, adopted by the NCRI.

8. The Market Economy: The MEK recognize private property, private investment and the market economy, so they believe that all Iranians must enjoy equal opportunity in employment and in business ventures. They also promise to protect and revitalize the environment.

9. Foreign Policy: They MEK believes is peaceful coexistence with other nations, international and regional peace and cooperation, as well as respect for the United Nations Charter.

10. Nuclear Policy: The MEK wants a non-nuclear Iran, free of weapons of mass destruction.