In an article titled “exploring EU’s political motives behind human rights excuses” and “human rights frauds (against the regime)”, the news agency writes:

Human-rights-labeled resolutions and sanctions are outdated tools that have now turned into a diplomatically-dressed hostility as well as a political and economic misconduct by the EU and its allies.

Signed by 265 MEPs, a statement against the Islamic Republic was issued in June this year by a pro-PMOI (MEK) European Parliament, known for having strong relations with the group.

Gerard Deprez, Belgium’s representative in the European Parliament, who drafted the statement, is the head of the so-called Friends of a Free Iran, a group known for its close relations with PMOI (MEK). Prior to this, Europeans used to support PMOI (MEK), but only in secret. Now, however, their support has become quite evident. For instance, the Czech Republic’s representative in the European Parliament has encouraged the EU to actively support PMOI (MEK). Jan Zaharadil, who opposes making any concessions to Tehran, said “the EU must cooperate (with PMOI /MEK and Maryam Rajavi).”

There are plenty of such positions within the EU, including the ones taken by France, another EU country and the so-called cradle of democracy.

France’s support for the PMOI (MEK) is undoubtedly a sign of the country’s hostile approach towards the Islamic Republic of Iran. Although French officials deny having relations with the PMOI (MEK), but considering numerous gatherings held in support of the group in France, it’s now become an obvious reality. Meanwhile, France’s representative to the UN Security Council has taken a hostile position against the Islamic Republic, accusing our country of violating human rights.

In response to French representative’s hostile comments, regime’s International Deputy for Chief Justice and secretary of High Council for Human Rights ‘Javad Larijani’ said “the fact that the French government denies having relations with the PMOI (MEK) and at the same time hosts and welcomes them is more of a political joke.”

“Europeans still follow a hostile approach toward the Islamic Republic of Iran. They claim they want to have economic relations with Iran but at the same time impose sanctions on our companies. This is unacceptable”, Larijani added.

EU’s human rights resolution (against the regime) followed by their unfair sanctions and support for seditionists are the most obvious and tangible instances of human rights abuse. Europeans’ interventionist policies, including the one related to abolishing the death penalty, are still underway.

The European Parliament issued a resolution earlier this month related to Iran human rights record. The resolution refers to resuming talks with Iran on such issues like human rights, including, as they put it, freedom of expression, and stopping death penalty and drug-related sentences as conditions for expanding relations (with the regime). (Regime’s Mizan news agency, November 5, 2017)