Two German media sources – Der Spiegel and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung – have already been taken to a German court over their repetition of fake news about the MEK and been threatened with a 250,000 Euro fine if they don’t remove it.

Former US Senator Robert Torricelli said in this regard: “I’m embarrassed to tell you the same would have happened with the New York Times, but for the fact that our laws and constitution are different, and the courts cannot as readily undertake such action.”

Of course, this is happening because the regime feels threatened by the MEK and has been since the mullahs took over in 1979. The regime has every reason to feel threatened because the MEK has the ability to not only organize nationwide anti-regime protests but also have already proved their ability to serve as a stable alternative government.

The MEK has actually been playing a leading role during the anti-regime protests that have shaken the regime since December 2017.

The original protests began in Mashhad over the rising cost of basic goods, but this spread quickly across Iran and took on a more directly political slant when the people started chanting “death to the dictator”; something that could well result in the death penalty. There were protests in 150 Iranian cities and towns by mid-January 2018, with locals demanding the mullahs step down.


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This spurred a year of protests, called for by the opposition leader Maryam Rajavi, and resulted in the November 2019 uprising against the tripling of fuel prices overnight. The regime was unable/ unwilling to answer the people’s demands, so they killed 1,500 people instead. Thousands more were arrested and put on death row.

The regime previously slaughtered 30,000 MEK members in the 1988 massacre of political prisoners, but their suppression didn’t work then either.  They’ve also routinely tried to demonize the MEK as a cult or a terror group – none of which is true. The resistance movement will last until Iran is free – growing stronger every day.

But the regime is not listening to that. They tried to attack the MEK twice in Europe with terrorism – both which were thankfully thwarted – and this still didn’t stop the group.

For instance, the MEK recently held its annual conference – online only this year because of the pandemic – and had over 30,000 participants in 102 countries, including Iran. There, they hailed the need for regime change and the MEK in power.

The uprisings in Iran show that the regime is losing support and the MEK is gaining support, but the regime is desperate to conceal this. The Iranian people have a clear message about the free and democratic Iran that they want. Western media and the people of the world need to support the Iranian people in the fight. Standing with the MEK will be standing on the right side of history.