Paris – Resolution by representatives of 43 Iranian youth associations

Iran – regime change and provide security to Camp Liberty residents

On April 12, the representatives of 5043 Iranian youth associations (from countries throughout Europe, the United States, Australia) took part in a large rally in the presence of Mrs Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, as well as a number of prominent international personalities from the United States and Europe. 

The participants in this meeting – held on the 3rd anniversary of the criminal attack of April 8 by the Iraqi government on Ashraf at the behest of the regime in Iran – commemorated the memory of the heroic members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) who gave their lives for the freedom of Iran.

In their speeches, as well as in the resolution of the convention, the representatives of the participating associations stressed the following points:

1. On the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of the April 8, 2011, massacre, and in the name of great martyrs such as Saba Haft Baradaran, AssiehRakhshani, NasstaranAzeimei, FaezehRajabi, Mahdieh and Akbar Madadzadeh, ZohairZakeri, SiyavoshNezam-ol-Molki, HanifEmami, HanifKafaei, MassoudHajiloei, BahmanAtighi and BehrouzSabet, we make a covenant with the Iranian nation to employ all our might and capacity to rise up to the support and defense of the PMOI members in Camp Liberty and to bring about the ideals of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran which are liberty, independence and social justice. Borrowing words from Saba, we declarethat to free Iran: “We shall remain steadfast to the end.”

2. Ten months after the farcical presidential election of the clerical regime, Rouhani has demonstrated that he is part and parcel of the religious fascism with no mission but to preserve this regime. The number of executions during this period has exceeded 700 and the execution of those minor at time of arrest has spiked. The institutionalized discrimination against women and ethnic and religious minorities has deepened and broadened. The censorship and restrictions on the internet has ratcheted up and more than ever the youth are deprived of the ability to freely exchange information and exercise their freedom of expression on the internet. 

3. The hysterical reaction by the mullahs’ regime to the recent resolution of the European Parliamentagainst the violation of human rights and political freedoms in Iran, as accentuated by MrsRajavi at the European Parliament, demonstrated that “Human rights are the Achilles heel of this regime and that the human rights’ chalice of poison is a hundred times more dangerous for this regime than the nuclear one. Thus, all factions within this regime concur and have shared interest in executions, torture and massacres”.

4. The atrocious attacks against Ashraf and Camp Liberty demonstrate that the PMOI members there are as much a source of inspiration and motivation for the Iranian youth as they are a cause of fear for the clerical regime and a sign of regime’s certain demise. Eleven years of perseverance by the PMOI members in Ashraf and Camp Liberty, albeit the barbaric slaughters, anti-human siege, and deprivation of the most rudimentary rights and necessities imposed on them at the behest of the Iranian regime, have turned Ashraf and now Camp Liberty into the focal point of determination and struggle for freedom.We have been taught by the Ashrafis that the path to sweeping out the cruel mullahs from Iran is not through promotion of pacifism under the emblem of “non-costly ideology”, but is to pay the price it demands; and that to pave the path to liberty, one should not refrain from paying any price that it may incur.

5. Joining the PMOI and supporting them by the youth is the absolute red line of the clerical regime. Publication of hundreds of books and production of dozens of movies against the PMOI – the “grouplet” whose obliteration the regime has announced thousands of times – is to this end. This demonizing and heinous campaign has boomeranged, the Iranian youth who know all too well that the sole crime of PMOI and their ideal leader Mr. Massoud Rajavi is their perseverance on the cause of freedom, hence have more than ever risen up to support them more actively and vigorously.

6. Face to face with the religious tyranny ruling Iran, we support the organized opposition of the Iranian people and its President-elect Mrs. Maryam Rajavi. Since the clerical regime lacks all capacity to reform, we consider a change of the regime as the sole path for Iran to thwart its present crisis and we therefore declare our support for the 10-point platform of Mrs. Rajavi.

7. While reminding the U.S. government, the European Union, and the United Nations of their obligations concerning the safety and security of Camp Liberty residents, we insist on the provision of the least security requirements at Camp Liberty such as the return of the 17500 T-walls, the transfer of protective helmets and vests and the medical equipment of the residents from Ashraf to Camp Liberty, the enlarging of the area of the camp, the allowing of construction of buildings for the sick, disabled and the injured, and the stationing of permanent UN observers along with a team of Blue Helmet inside Camp Liberty. We also demand the release of the seven Ashraf hostages and call for an independent inquiry by the United Nations into the September 1, 2013 massacre in Ashraf and the handing over of its perpetrators to the International Criminal Court.

8. We also call for a firm international stance vis-à-vis the project of production of nuclear weapons by the regime. Although the Iranian regime has been compelled to retreat one single step due to the sanctions and the crises it is engulfed in, it however is poised to realize its ominous project. The sole remedy is to force this regime to accept the Additional Protocol and to implement the resolutions of the Security Council. 

9. The warmongering and export of terrorism by this regime has turned the Middle East into a barrel of gunpowder. The defenseless people of Syria and in particular its women and children are in a bloodbath because of the warmongering of this regime in the most barbaric fashion. On the other hand, the terrorist Qods Force has instigated a war and a killing among brethrens in Iraq to complete its occupation of that country and everyday it victimizes the Iraqi people with its terrorist operations. This regime ought to be banished from the international community and the seat of Iran at the United Nations should be given to the Iranian Resistance which is the democratic alternative to this anti-human regime. It is the duty of the international community to stand with the Iranian people and their legitimate demand to topple this regime rather than to be silent and on the sidelines in face of this medieval regime.

Communities of Iranian Youth

Paris – April 12, 2014