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Iran: Safety of Refugees and PMOI/MEK Members in Albania Is Compromised by Iran’s Secret Service

The opposition members who resided in Camp Liberty spent years being subjected to inhuman attacks and medicals sieges. One hundred and seventy-eight residents lost their lives there.
Many of the residents were finally safely transferred to Albania where they were warmly received. It was a major achievement when the final residents left Iraq and it was considered a major humanitarian success following a strong initiative that involved a significant amount of diplomatic pressure. This involved the United Nations, ISJ, US Senators and Congressmen, members of Parliament, American dignitaries and European politicians.

Vidal-Quadras calls for immediate action to be taken so that the Islamic Republic’s campaign against the dissidents is quashed. He emphasises that the Iranian regime has targeted the main opposition group, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI or MEK), for decades and it has killed over 100,000 activists.

He also said that the assassinations and executions of MEK members and sympathizers are accompanied by “a massive demonization operation by Tehran and its agents and lobbyists”.
The Iranian regime is in a desperate situation following the widespread protests that started at the end of December in which people protested in over 140 cities across Iran. The people were calling for regime change because they know that it is their only chance of freedom, democracy and human rights.

To counter its increasing isolation, the regime is upping its campaign of suppression and is now targeting the MEK in Albania. At the end of March, Albania media reported that its security forces had arrested two Iranians that came to gather intelligence and spy on the MEK. Vidal-Quadras warned: “Past experience has proven these sorts of activities to be preludes to terrorist acts. And to complement this effort, the Iranian regime is preparing actions at the European Parliament, with the help of some pro-Iran MEPs, designed for disseminating lies and allegations against the opposition.”

He mentioned that Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) recruited Iranian-born Massoud Khodabandeh and his British wife Ann Singleton to demonise the MEK. If it has not been for the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom and other MPs, they would have been given a platform at the British Parliament to distribute misinformation about MEK.

Singleton has travelled to Albania at least three times in the past few months where she speaks out against the MEK each time.

Vidal-Quadras said that Singleton and several others are due to participate in a meeting at the European Parliament in the next few days (in continuation of their activities against Iranian people and MEK.)

He said that it is essential for the relevant authorities to act immediately, especially when there are indications from past events that a terrorist attack could be imminent. He stressed that the regime is not just compromising the safety of the Iranian refugees and MEK members, but Europe as a whole.