Sadeq Larijani, head of the mullahs’ Judiciary, plans to reward henchman Esmaeeli for his atrocities by giving him a promotion while through removing him from the Prisons Organization he is attempting to save him from the consequences of the great crime committed in Evin Prison.

Similarly, back in 2009, with the disclosure of crime against humanity in the Kahrizak death camp, the mullahs’ anti-human regime appointed Saeid Mortazavi who was responsible for those crimes to a higher post.

Asghar Jahangir has been the head of Anti-Intelligence and head of Special Inspection Office of the Judiciary and an advisor to the head of Judiciary. He is one of the most ruthless criminals in the apparatus of torture, execution and slaughter of the mullahs’ regime.

Meanwhile on April 23, Sadeq Larijani who himself must face trial for crime against humanity, defended the barbaric raid on Evin Prison and said: “The inspection conducted in Evin Prison is an ordinary and lawful duty of the Prisons Organization and as reported by the respectable head of this organization, no offense has been committed.

However, it seems that the current of sedition has deemed this totally lawful move as an excuse to come to the scene again and some inside the country are collaborating and cooperating with the enemies and foreign dissidents to keep the sedition current alive.”

Larijani who is clearly horrified of the protest movement by the families and the youth, threatened: “I give strict order to Tehran’s Public Prosecutor and to the public prosecutors throughout the country to firmly and while abiding by lawful regulations confront any attempts for dissemination of fabrications or disruption of the national security and social atmosphere so that all would know that the Islamic system is not a regime to turn passive in face of the seditionists and disrupters of order or their supporters, because of imaginary pretexts and if so far it has shown some conciliation towards them, it would certainly not do so any more.”

This criminal mullah demagogically said: “Where in the world are the prisoners allowed to make phone calls to anywhere they wish from inside the prison without prior coordination and to enjoy such facilities… the police forces in the Western countries treat demonstrators and prisoners in the worst fashion and nobody tells them that their work is against human rights, but the media and the governments of these very states tag ordinary and lawful inspections of prisoners’ cells as an act against human rights.”

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

April 23, 2014