Khamenei, who was speaking on Sunday June 4th, in death commemoration anniversary of Khomeini, mentioned the crimes of ’80s as a great honor and said: “Sixties was the decade of great honor, was fight against separatism”.

Khamenei, as a vicious deceiving mullah claimed:”Incited and paid groups to fight against the Islamic Republic and create separatism”.

These statements is being said by Khamenei, while during the presidential election, the massacre of political prisoners in 1988, were more than ever exposed for the public knowledge and judgment of Iranians.

This caused the people and youth of Iran to chant slogans against Ebrahim Raisi to condemn the crime committed by him.

This polarization during the election show caused Rouhani to use opportunistically this position against his ravel to collect votes for himself, which he said in a campaign rally in Hamadan: “People won’t vote for the ones that during 38 years knew only to put in jail or execute”.

It should be noted, that Hossein Ali Montazeri, then acting Khomeini’s deputy in a meeting on August 24th, 1988 with the mission called “Death Commission”.

As the executions of 1988 became known, he called them as a “crime”, and members of the Board, which were selected by Khomeini including Ebrahim Raisi, Deputy Chairman of prosecutor, said: They will be called “criminals” in the history.