She also saluted the unyielding workers who are on strike in the mullahs’ regime’s prisons, and called all the Iranian people, especially the youth, to show their solidarity with the courageous workers.

Referring to incessant strikes and protests of workers, she called the past year as the year of spread of Iranian workers’ protests and added, “the right to form workers’ independent syndicates and unions, the right to holding strikes and protest gatherings, job security, fair and real increase and timely payment of wages, revocation of temporary and ‘blank contract’ system, removal of employment offices that work in favor of employers, establishment of unemployment and life insurance, not raising the retirement age, life security for workers against toilsome labor in mines, revocation of gender discrimination in employment, salary and fringe benefits for female workers, and prohibition of street children slavery are among the trampled rights of the Iranian workers.”

She reiterated that achieving all these rights are possible through the united and unyielding struggle of workers linked with all Iranians’ resistance for freedom, democracy and overthrow of the ruling regime.

“The current deep and spreading economic crisis, whose first victims are workers and toilers, is the outcome of the infamous rule of mullahs that have spent Iran’s assets on the Revolutionary Guards, the terrorist Quds Force, war in Syria, meddling in Iraq, and their own untold plunder. Almost all Iranian workers are under the poverty line, they are denied job security, at least 70% of them are not even confident about receiving their salary, the workers’ minimum wage is so far from poverty line that has turned Iranian workers to one of the cheapest labor in the world. Workers are deprived from their justified rights in most aspects, there is no limit to their exploitation, and there are significant number of workers who had to sell their kidney to provide for their livelihood. More importantly, the women are further victimized by discharge, antihuman pressures and low wages. Also, three million child workers in Iran constitute a painful manifestation of the oppression of plunderers ruling Iran,” said Mrs. Rajavi.

Secretariat of the national Council of Resistance of Iran

April 30, 2014