In fact, the Iranian Regime is most scared of President-elect of the Iranian Resistance Maryam Rajavi, who holds great sway over the Iranian people and will soon lead them to overthrow the mullahs in favour of a democratic system of government in Iran.

Maryam Rajavi scares the Iranian Regime because she has spent years standing up to them and advocating to the world, on behalf of the Iranian people, for tougher sanctions against the mullahs for their criminal behaviour. In fact, you could say that Trump is just following Maryam Rajavi’s lead.

Why should the mullahs be scared of Maryam Rajavi?
Maryam Rajavi is a smart, accomplished woman who has spent the entirety of her adult life fighting for a free Iran after joining the Resistance as a teenager. She’s even created a 10-point plan for a Free Iran that focuses on human rights, gender equality, and the installation of democracy.

Unlike any of the mullahs, Maryam Rajavi enjoys great working relationships with countless leaders and politicians across the world, but she also has the support and admiration of the Iranian people. This can be seen through the attendance at her rallies and the actions of the Iranian people who risk their lives to plaster Maryam Rajavi posters up in the streets.

How have the mullahs shown that fear?
The mullahs have expressed their fear of Maryam Rajavi in the only way they know how: violence. They imprison Iranians who support Maryam Rajavi or the Iranian Resistance, sometimes even sentencing them to death. They also plot terror attacks against the Iranian Resistance across the world, from Iraq to Europe to the US.

In 2018 alone, the Iranian Regime has been involved in at least four attempted terror attacks against the MEK in Albania, France, the US, and Demark. Maryam Rajavi, and over 600 foreign dignitaries, were present at the Free Iran grand gathering in Paris when the mullahs used their terrorist diplomat Asadollah Assadi to try and bomb the rally.

Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, who was at the Paris rally, said: “Why would the regime be so methodical in imprisoning, torturing and killing [Iranian Resistance group] MEK supporters in Iran, as well as targeting its senior officials in Paris and New York if it didn’t feel threatened by it? The regime does not doubt the MEK’s strength in Iran and is on record identifying it as the only opposition movement capable of overthrow.”

To be clear, rulers don’t try to imprison or kill people based on support for a politician unless that politician really scares them. Maryam Rajavi terrifies the Iranian Regime.
Given that Iran was already facing US sanctions and needed the support of the international community to evade them, the decision to launch attacks against Maryam Rajavi and the Iranian Resistance in Europe and the US seems mind-bogglingly stupid, unless you consider that Maryam Rajavi is a bigger threat to the continued rule of the Iranian Regime than international sanctions.