saying that he has been directly responsible for the deaths of several members of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (PMOI/MEK) and is actually proud of his actions during the 1988 operation known as “Eternal Light”.

Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), said that IRGC Brig. Gen. Qalibaf is also an accomplice of Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Raisi, who sent thousands of MEK political prisoners to their deaths in the 1988 massacre of political prisoners.

She wrote: “Qalibaf is among primary officials involved in suppression and warmongering, and engaged in theft and plunder within the clerical regime. Appointing him as the Head of the Legislature by [Supreme Leader Ali] Khamenei is a new step towards further contraction of the ruling system in the final phase of this regime.”

Who is Qalibaf?

Since the regime began in 1979, Qalibaf has actively suppressed the MEK and the people of Kurdistan.

In 1983, during the Iran-Iraq war and after Iraq had already sued for peace, he was made commander of the 5th Nasr Division, after which he sent thousands of children and students to minefields. In 1987, he was made commander of the Najaf base in Kermanshah, before becoming commander of the IRGC’s 3rd region in 1988, commander of the 68th Karbala Division in 1989, and Chief of Staff of the IRGC Ground Forces shortly after.

In 1994, as commander of the IRGC Basij,  he established a Basij intelligence service to suppress the Iranian resistance, which led him to be appointed commander of the IRGC’s Khatam al-Anbiya Garrison, one of the regime’s largest economic conglomerates. After that, he was made Air Force Commander in 1997 and, even though his post had not changed by then, he took a leading role in the suppression of the 1999 students’ protests alongside terrorist IRGC commander Qassem Soleimani.

Commenting on this in 2013, when he ran for President, Qalibaf said that “wherever necessary, [he would] come to the street and beat [people] with sticks” before bragging about doing the same thing to supporters of Iranian Resistance Leader Massoud Rajavi in 1980.

In 2000, he became commander of the State Security Force (SSF) and established a suppressive police unit and a plan for “moral” security. He became Mayor of Tehran in 2005 and remained there for 12 years, during which he embezzled thousands of billions of tomans and also implemented a gender separation plan.

Given all of this, he is unfit for power anywhere and should be in prison, but this will not happen until the regime is overthrown.


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