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Maryam Rajavi’s New Year Speech: Part 2

Maryam Rajavi’s New Year Speech: Part 2

Here, we will look at how the mullahs have come under fire internationally in the past year.

Maryam Rajavi noted that in 2018, the mullahs lost the nuclear deal, which they had previously claimed was the answer to all of their financial problems when Donald Trump accused them of cheating and pulled out. This meant that many of the Regime’s investors pulled out, rather than face reimposed US sanctions, and left the economy in distress. Although, it should be noted that the economy was already in a tragic state due to 40 years of mismanagement and corruption.

Maryam Rajavi welcomed this change in the US’s disastrous policy of appeasement, which was designed to protect the mullahs against regime change. She said that the sanctions have depleted the Regime’s income and destabilised the mullahs. However, the Regime has so far only stolen more money from the Iranian people.

Maryam Rajavi said: “The economic austerity policy of Khamenei paved the way for further plunder of our people’s wealth. The value of the country’s official currency plunged by a third in less than a year. Inflation swelled four folds. Oil exports fell to half to one-third and the budget deficit increased by at least 50 per cent.”

She explained that the Regime has sold Iranian resources, including granting large-scale fishing rights in the South China Sea to India, but that this treacherous acts would not save the Regime from impending doom.

Maryam Rajavi said: “In short, the mullahs have no way out in the face of nationwide uprisings and protests that are encircling them. This results from an understanding of the essence of the uprisings and offers a summary of the past year’s events. The regime’s death knell and internal tensions have left no more openings for it to display hollow shows of moderation.”

Indeed, how can the mullahs have any moderates among their ranks when “reviled mass murderer” Ebrahim Raisi, who had a major role in the 1988 massacre of 30,000 political prisoners, has been appointed as the regime’s Chief Justice?

Maryam Rajavi said: “His appointment represented a coup de grace shot to the elusive myth of moderation in the regime. This is while Rouhani’s government is half-paralyzed and the most important face of the cabinet facade keeps sitting at home every other day or resigns. In fact, the entire ruling regime is undergoing an accelerated rate of decay.”

Maryam Rajavi said that the Regime has no chance of survival or way to protect itself, which is why it resorts to the suppression of the Iranian people and why Raisi has been made Judiciary Chief.

Maryam Rajavi said: “On a daily basis, it keeps jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. Endless bickering and internal feuds over FATF [Financial Action Task Force], the unbridled plunge of the value of the official currency Rial, the alarming status of the budget and financial resources, the black hole of sanctions, defeats in Syria where IRGC [Revolutionary Guard Corps] mercenaries face repeated blows, the growing threats posed by at least ten million unemployed, and most important of all the unstable circumstances have forced the regime to be on high alert every waking minute of the day.”

Now is the time for the US to deal the death blow and place the IRGC on its list of foreign terrorist organizations.
In our next piece, we will look at the Regime’s imminent overthrow.