Albania, on the 40th day of nationwide Iran, protests to hail the brave protesters who are standing up for freedom, especially those murdered by the Regime, who have become martyrs for the cause.

Here, we will look at Maryam Rajavi’s speech, focusing on how this is a learning experience for the young people of Iran and why solidarity is needed to continue the uprisings.

Maryam Rajavi said that the November uprising was a “watershed moment” in Iran’s history, offering many lessons to the millions of rebellious young Iranians. She explained that they learnt about:

  • the strategy and tactics of an uprising and how to overthrow a regime
  • the readiness of society to gain fundamental change
  • the decadence of a regime that has no way out of its various crises
  • the futility of investing in the regime’s moderation
  • the end of fake strategies presented on the edges of the regime
  • the anti-regime fighting force
  • the truth of Massoud Rajavi’s observation that the only answer is decisiveness and the destruction of the Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC)

Maryam Rajavi said: “Indeed, the disgraceful industry of fabricating puppet or dependent alternatives, aided by the regime’s direct or indirect involvement and at the urging of this or that power or foreign service, has been fully discredited and marginalized. These developments lent credibility to the Iranian Resistance and elevated the standing of the National Liberation Army flanked by armies of rebellious youths, the hungry, the unemployed and the oppressed.”

She said the issue is simply, ‘how can we best topple the regime?’  and that through the support of the Resistance. Those who can help should, but they need to avoid focusing on meaningless and hollow talk rather than action. Actions will topple the regime, words won’t.

Maryam Rajavi said: “Today, everyone knows that the most forbidden name and the first red line for the regime is the name of the Mojahedin (PMOI/MEK) as it has been throughout the past 40 years. The regime’s intelligence agents clearly admit that their red line is not even talking unfavourably against Khamenei, but rather favourably regarding “the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran”.

She then began to talk about the fact that solidarity and cooperation are essential to sustain the uprising, so she urged the Iranian people to do all that they could to encourage each other to continue.

Maryam Rajavi said: “It is a patriotic duty to support the families of martyrs, attend to the wounded, and assist the resistance units in any form and to any extent possible. By commemorating the selfless children of the people of Iran, and honouring their sacrifices, continue to boost the morale and determination of the people of Iran wherever you are.”

She continued: “Your support for the resistance units is essential and tantamount to participating in determining the brilliant future of tomorrow’s Iran. Hail to the martyrs, hail to protesters, hail to freedom and the Liberation Army.”