Ms. Maryam Rajavi also expressed her sympathies with behalf of the Iranian people and their Resistance with the earthquake-hit people. The residents of these regions warmly welcomed the President of the Iranian opposition and she gave children gifts on the eve of New Year. 

The mayor of Manzë, Mr. Muharrem Sula, welcomed Maryam Rajavi and accompanied her during the visit. Mr. Sula expressed his gratitude for the Iranian Resistance’s solidarity with Albanian citizens and their assistance. 

He also commended the kindness and generosity of members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) who were located in these areas from two years ago“Since the establishment of Ashraf 3, the people of Manzë had experienced the Mojahedin’s sincere relations and their valuable solidarity,” Mr. Sula told Ms. Rajavi and her accompanying delegation. 

Ms. Rajavi expressed hope for the recovery of the wounded and wished the damages and suffering caused by the earthquake would rapidly end on the eve of 2020. 

On November 26northwestern Albania was struck by a strong 6.4-magnitude earthquake that lasted 30 seconds. The quake was also felt in Albania’s capital Tirana and in some far parts of the country. The Albanian government announced that 52 people were killed and about 3,000 injured in the strongest earthquake in the past 30 years. The event also left around 500 damaged houses. 

At the time, on November 27, Ms. Maryam Rajavi expressed deepest sympathies and condolences of the Iranian Resistance and the PMOI/MEK member to the people and government of Albania for the catastrophic earthquake. She also wished for the speedy recovery of the wounded and expressed best wishes for the quick reconstruction of the ruins of the earthquake. 

The deepest sympathies of the Iranian people and Resistance, and particularly the PMOI members at Ashraf 3, go out to the bereaved families. Our sincere prayers for the speedy recovery of the wounded and best wishes for the quick reconstruction of the ruins,” Ms. Rajavi’s message on November 27. 

It’s worth reminding that during the past month, the residents of Ashraf 3, the new home of PMOI/MEK members in Albania, showed their sympathy with the people by sending humanitarian aids to the regions afflicted by the earthquake. 

Many of them personally took part in the government’s relief effortsThe footages show MEK representatives also attended the quake-hit areas and delivered aids to needy people.