He expressed his astonishment about the development of the Ashraf-3 city calling it a miracle. “The regime tried to wipe the Ashrafis out, coming in with machine guns, killing 51 people in one day,” said the mayor referring to the 2013 killing rampage of the Iranian refugee camp Ashraf in Iraq by the Iranian regime gunmen and proxies.

Giuliani added that the regime had killed over 30,000 political prisoners in 1988 in a two months’ period and asked, “where is the decency?” Adding that, “these are not numbers, they are human lives.”
Former New York mayor called on the democratic governments in the world to support the MEK rather than the regime. “How can leaders of those countries live with themselves?” Asked the mayor, adding “stand up leaders. Stand up in France, Germany, the UK, Italy, and Greece and don’t abandon democracy now.”

“Stop appeasing Iran,” stressed mayor Giuliani.

Additionally, Rudy Giuliani said that it needs to be made clear that there is an alternative to the current regime so this is not the case of simply deposing of a dictator and replacing it with a different one.

“We have the NCRI led by Maryam Rajavi,” said the mayor. She is “respected across the world and she brings people together.” He agreed that that is something we don’t usually have. He felt it was comforting that there is a group of people who can change the situation.

For those who call the MEK a cult, he said “there is something wrong with you. And, there is something missing in your soul.” He added that the MEK is not wanting to takeover Iran but it wants to guide it to elections as soon as possible. “This is a group we can support,” said mayor Giuliani referring to the crowd present at the gathering in Ashraf-3.