This attempt at anti-MEK propaganda has no place in journalism, but more importantly it’s setting the stage for yet more of the Regime’s terror attacks against the MEK. In 2018 alone, terrorist plots against the MEK have been uncovered in Albania, France, the United States and Denmark.

Shahin Gobadi, Press Spokesman of the MEK, begins his letter, dated November 1, by explaining that the article about the MEK currently being written by Arron Reza Merat would, “based on all the facts and evidence”, be nothing but lies and slander, something that would be the basis of legal action against the paper.

As it turns out, Merat has a long history of hostility towards the MEK, which makes him at the very least subject to bias, something that has no place in a news report.
Gobadi explains in the letter, point by point, why Merat’s article will be filled with lies, citing that Merat is getting all of his information from the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) and their various offshoots.

He also notes that the timing of the piece, just days before the US reimposes sanctions of Iran and days after Iran was caught plotting a terror attack in Denmark, is telling. This defamatory article will serve as a distraction from the real criminals: the mullahs.
To reiterate, the Iranian Regime has plotted several terror attacks against the MEK this year in the West; with one plot nearly resulting in a gathering of 100,000 people being blown up in Paris.

Gobadi then explains that the MOIS has indeed used newspapers to defame the MEK before, something admitted by former Intelligence Minister Ali Fallahian. In fact, for nearly 40 years, the Regime has been set on destroying the MEK’s reputation by accusing them of them of immoral and illegal behaviour, with no evidence to support this.

He advises: “If The Guardian is in search of reality and does not intend to be a platform for the Iranian regime, it can find out that Mr. Merat is only parroting the MOIS.”
In a further letter, dated October 3, Gobadi advises that Merat has consistently harassed Farid Totounchi, Legal Advisor of the MEK, while also discussing several other “reporters” for The Guardian who have shown bias towards the MEK.

He said: “We are not opposed to the Guardian reporting on the PMOI, but the primary journalistic principles require that the Guardian first apologize for the lies that its reporters have written and then assign actual journalists to subsequent reporting, instead of anti-PMOI militants and those who defend the Iranian regime.”

The full text of the letters is available here.