But the international community has waited long enough for the Iranian Regime to alter its behaviour and transform into a democratic state. Now it’s time for action and the MEK has a plan. The MEK believes that the only way to tackle all of the problems created by the Regime, including human rights abuses is through regime change.

This makes sense. We’ve spent 40 years waiting for the Regime to end executions and human rights violations, but there has been no moderation at all. Even though, the Regime has been routinely condemned or even sanctioned for its human rights abuses by various governments and the UN Human Rights Council.

Human rights in Iran

Let’s look at some quick stats about what 40 years of international appeasement has brought to Iran:

• 1 – Iran’s world ranking in executions per capita
• 1 – Iran’s world ranking in child executions per capita
• 74 – the number of types of torture used in Iranian prisons
• 3,000 – the number of people executed since so-called moderate Hassan Rouhani became President in 2015
• 30,000 – the number of political prisoners massacred in just a few months in 1988 (mainly MEK members and supporters)
• 120,000 – the number of political prisoners that have been executed under the mullahs’ regime (again, mainly MEK)
• Hundreds of thousands – the number of Iranians who have been imprisoned and tortured on political grounds (again, mainly MEK)

So what should the international community be doing?

Condemning the Regime and sanctioning them is a good start, but the international community should start supporting the MEK’s call for regime change, which is also the wish of the Iranian people. This is the only thing that will change human rights in Iran.

They should also refer Iran’s human rights dossier to the UN Security Council and bring the real criminals, especially those responsible for the 1988 massacre of MEK supporters, to justice before the International Criminal Court.

Regime change by the people and MEK

There are plenty of people who will be concerned about the potential for chaos if the Regime is removed from power – Iran has certainly exploited a power vacuum on many occasions – but the MEK will fill that void for a transitional period.

The MEK has even shown the world their plan for a free and democratic Iran in advance, so that they can be held to it. This plan involves protecting human rights in a number of ways, including rejecting the inhumane “Islamic Retribution Law”, promoting and adhering to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all relevant covenants, abolishing the death penalty, and protecting all individual rights and freedoms.