The NCRI notes that in 2018 there have been several misleading reports about the MEK on both media outlets, which led the MEK to write to Channel 4 and Al-Jazeera English on several occasions to correct this misinformation, which was gained by mullah-linked journos, but neither outlet has presented a retraction.

Importantly, former Intelligence Minister Ali Fallahian admitted in 2017 that the mullahs intelligence operatives often pretend to be journalists in order to conduct covert surveillance abroad.

If anything, they continued to present lies as facts, even fabricating evidence by altering letterheads to attribute statements to police departments. They claimed that the MEK was killing former members, creating fake social media accounts to advocate for their policies, and creating a government within a government. All things we know the Regime have done.

The NCRI also advised that the only sources named in the documents citing wrongdoing by the MEK were people that we know are paid mercenaries of the Iranian Regime, including:

• Ehsan Bidi (or Hasan Bidi), who surrendered himself to the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and the Quds terrorist force at the MEK’s Camp Liberty in Iraq, and was moved to Albania, supposedly as a “refugee”. He, in fact works for the Regime.

• Manouchehr Abdi, who was granted humanitarian refuge at the MEK’s Camp Ashraf in Iraq in 2004. He was working for the Regime and even admitted it publically, after being kicked out.

• Saadollah Seyfi, who currently works at the Iranian Intelligence Centre in Kermanshah. He was expelled from the MEK in 2017, following his constant communication with the Iranian Regime.

• Bahman Azami, whom not much is known about other than his links to the Iranian Regime. Other mercenaries, including Adel Azami and Anne Singleton, briefed him in November 2017. When he was exposed, the Iranian Regime illegally trafficked him out of Albania.

This was all an attempt to play down (or even justify) the Iranian Regime’s continued attack on the MEK and it must stop.

The NCRI wrote: “During the transfer of Mojahedin to Albania, Gholam Hossein Mohammadnia, another veteran intelligence officer of the mullahs, was appointed to the regime’s embassy in Albania.

The plot to bomb the Iranians large gathering in Villepinte on June 30 this year (2018) clearly showed that the diplomats of the clerical regime were the religious Gestapo murderers who were heavily involved in terrorist acts against the Iranian resistance.

At the same time as the Iranian regime’s diplomat was extradited from Germany to Belgium, who is being prosecuted for participation and providing explosives for the bombing, the French government announced that the Iranian Intelligence ministry had issued the order.”

The clerical regime intelligence agents in Albania should be tried and punished, or at least expelled.